[Review] Clio Virgin Kiss Lipnicure Lip Stain Color in #8 Guilty Pink

Monday, January 12, 2015

Ah, so this begins the 2 weeks of reviews everyday! For my first post in this series, I'm going to be reviewing their Clio Virgin Kiss Lipnicure in #8 Guilty Pink. Even though they're mainly known for their eye makeup, I wanted to give this product a go!

This first caught my eye while I was browsing in the Clio Store when I saw their bright display of all the beautiful, super pigmented colors. I'd heard some mixed reviews so I knew I wanted to try one myself. I picked this color in particular because it's unique, bright, and a color I think would look good on every skintone.

Let's look at:
The packaging...

I really love the packaging of this lip stain. It's cute, chic, and looks just like a little bottle of nail polish. 

The color, which is like I mentioned, #8 Guilty Pink. 

Here's a picture of the box if you're interested!

The english description...

The Korean on the side of the box....

The top of the box, which tells you what color you're buying. 

The applicator...
Whoa, this applicator is awesome. I love how it curves to your lips, which helps apply the color more evenly, and that it also has a somewhat pointed tip, which helps you apply it more accurately. This applicator is so nice and accurate, I actually don't find myself using a lip liner with it! It's also pretty sturdy, so it doesn't bend when you're using it!

The color and formula...
Like I said, I love this color. It looks nice on my skin tone and I can tell it would work well for others too. The swatch below is a pretty accurate depiction of what it looks like in real life, so it's VERY bright! And it's nice and opaque. As far as the formula goes, it's actually very creamy when you initially apply it. After it dries, it does feel a little dry. Nothing a quick layer of balm on the top of couldn't fix! It also, surprisingly, dries to a fairly matte finish, which I wasn't aware of until I started wearing it. 

The wear of the formula
OK, I'm going to be totally honest. I really want to give this lip stain an awesome review. But it's doesn't wear super nice. After a couple hours (or eating/drinking) you can see where it starts to peel/wear off. Sorry for the awkward pic, but I really wanted you to see how it wears off on the inside of the lips. However, I'm a little hesitant to dock to many points off because I have NEVER found a lip stain that wears off nicely. That's pretty much how they come off. Of course, in a perfect world, the lipstick would come off all at once and gracefully come off. But that's just not the nature of lip stains. So it's really up to your judgement! 

Packaging: *****
Color: *****
Formula: ****
Lasting Ability: ***
Overall: ****