The Travel Breakdown: Visiting Namsan Tower

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

So this is a post from my trip to Korea during the summer of 2014. In celebration of going back (I'm leaving at the end of Sept.), I'm going through my old photos and trying to wrap up on some posts I meant to write right when I came back! This post will be on my visit to Namsan Tower, or Seoul Tower :)

Let's get to the Travel Breakdown
To get to the top of the base at Namsan Tower, you can ride a cable car up. We took the cable car, which takes about 5 minutes if I remember correctly. It's been a while guys! I looked up how much the tickets are on the official Visit Korea website and it's only 6,300 won for a roundtrip ticket. That's about $5 USD! Definitely worth the beautiful view. As a tip, obviously try to get a spot by the window. They pack those suckers full!
At the base of Namsan Tower, there the famous lock christmas trees! At least, that's what they looked like to me. People place personal locks with their lovers on these trees in hopes of a long-lasting and happy relationship. A really nice and thoughtful thing to do if you are traveling with your significant other!
At the base, there are also a ton of other things to look at and do. Unfortunately, I didn't take a ton of pictures because I wanted to just enjoy the moment and not have to document ever step I took. From what I remember, they have souvenir shops, of course, an Olive Young, and places to eat. 
This was one of the restaurants at the base of Namsan Tower. They were making delicious looking burgers. We didn't buy anything, but we did get popcorn inside the tower!
Again, I didn't take a ton of pictures :( The picture below is from the observatory inside Namsan Tower. Such an amazing view! The observatory is 360 degrees, so you can walk around and look at the beautiful views of Seoul! They also had some snacks and more souvenirs in this area to buy. You can also go a little higher and take an elevator higher up, but we were satisfied with our view and still had several things we wanted to do before we left Korea!
Anyways, I hope that was fun for you guys! Just writing these posts gets me excited for my next trip so it's a great way to get ready for my trip to Seoul. Like I said, I'll be there in just a few short weeks, so be sure to leave comments below of places you'd like me to visit and write about/vlog :) Hope you guys are happy and healthy as always!


How to: Korean Dewy Skin Base Foundation Tutorial ♥ 촉촉 메이크업 메이크업

Monday, September 7, 2015

Hi there :) As you probably know by watching k-dramas and listening to Korean idols, you know that the dewy skin trend is really popular. Is been going strong for a couple years, so here's a tutorial on how to achieve the look yourself :) Don't forget to subscribe to my channel, The Beauty Breakdown, and check out my other videos!

Let's get to the breakdown
I made this nice little graphic to describe how to achieve this look! Although, I would refer to the video above if you're confused or need more thorough directions.