[Review] Memebox Intense Hydration Box #Thirstyskin

Sunday, June 21, 2015

I was so excited when this arrived at my door! It's the Memebox Intense Hydration Box. This box is centralized around products that are meant to help rehydrate the skin and give your complexion a surge of moisture!

Let's get to the breakdown...

Like I mentioned above, all of these products are meant to be ultra hydrating for the skin. As always, when you receive your Memebox, you get a card inside that explains the products, lets you know how much they are, and gives you directions.
The retail value of this box is $96.30 for $45.00! That's almost 50% off! That's insane considering what's in this box ;)
Voila! Look at all the goodies in this box! One thing I thought was funny when I received it was I was super surprised at how heavy the package was! Let's look at the products individually!
This product is from Secret Key and it's their Starting Treatment Aura Mist ($13.50). It's meant to add hydration to you skin and has galactomyces in it. If you're not familiar with galactomyces, it's actually fermented yeast. This is supposed to be really great for your skin and help prevent wrinkles.
This is the SNP Acsys Hydra Essence ($20). It's a nice and light essence that helps with AC prevention. This is great for those who experience breakouts, but still need hydration for their skin!
This is the Enprani Moist Foam Cleanser ($25). If you're not familiar with Enprani, it's actually the luxury brand of Holika Holika. You can buy some Enprani products from Holika Holika stores. I bought an eye cream from Enprani, and it's really nice. I think this brand is designed for young adults to adults.
This was what was super heavy in the box since the container is glass and it's a huge tub! It's the Holika Holika Aqua Max Ultra Moisture Cream ($28). This is even the big size of it! This cream is very popular in Korea and I believe it's one of Holika Holika's best selling cream.
Of course, you can't forget about your lips! Lips need love too :) You also get the SkinFood Rose Essence Lip Balm ($9.40) or the avocado one. Obviously, I received the rose one, which smells lovely.

I hope this was helpful for those of you who were looking into purchasing this box :) How great is Memebox?! Full-sized products for so cheap!