[Review] First Impressions: Entire Etude House Dreaming Swan Collection

Sunday, April 19, 2015

It's here, it's here! I was so delighted when I came home after a long week at work and found this on my doorstep. It's the Etude House Dreaming Swan Collection! When I initially saw the promo pictures for this collection, I was so excited! I'd pretty much missed the boat on other major Etude House Collections (The Minnie Mouse Collection, Etoinette Collection, etc) and could never get my hands on the items I wanted. But this time, I pretty much got the ENTIRE collection. It may seem excessive, but hey, I work HARD for my money and like to enjoy it. Plus, I know you guys were probably as antsy as I was. Anyways, I made a video review on my channel, The Beauty Breakdown, so definitely check that out and see if you like any of the products! But here's the blog post, so you can get a closer view of all the products :) 

Now on to the items :) Here are the lippies! I unfortunately, could not get one of them because they were sold on the Etude House website, but I got the other four! Also note that these lipsticks are ALL MATTE. I was not expecting this when I ordered, but they are matte. So for those of you who don't like matte lip products, sorry :( But luckily, they're still very creamy and apply very nicely. Also, they're very pigmented, which in my opinion, is always a good thing!

My Blooming Lip-Talk in PK022 in Jete Pink. 
My Blooming Lips-Talk in OR225 in Pointe Coral
My Blooming Lip-Talk in PK024 in En Haut Pink
My Blooming Lips-Talk in PP502 Releve Purple MY FAVE!
Next, let's look at the Eye and Cheek Colors. Personally, I consider these mainly blushes (even though you can use them on your eyes) because they're not colors I'd usually use on my eyes. Also, they're not the darkest colors ever. They offer more of a nice wash of color instead of a super pigmented color. They're all shimmery and super smooth. They blend really nicely on the skin as well :)  They also come with a super cute puff! I do want to mention the the pictures on the tin are not printed on, they're stickers :/ I don't like that because stickers tend to get a little ratty looking after you use it for a while. oh well...
Eye and Cheek in #01 Jete Pink. This one is fairly light and would probably only show up on lighter skin tones. For tan skin tones, this would be more of a highlight color.
Eye and Cheek in #02 Pointe Coral. This is a nicely peachy color, but again it's more of a highlight color on darker skin tones. On light skin tones, this would probably show up nicely. 
Eye and Cheek in #03 Arabesque Rosy. This is one of the more pigmented ones. This shows up as a nice burnt coral/rose color.
Eye and Cheek in #04 Releve Purple. This is a light lavender color and again will probably show up on light skin tones, but not dark ones.  
Eye and Cheek in #05 En Haut Pink. This one is the most universally appealing color. It's similar to NARS Orgasm Blush, because it's a nice peachy/pink with a gold undertone. This one is more pigmented. 
For this collection, Etude House re-released their veiling pact. I'm pretty sure you can get this at anytime, but they repackaged it for the Dreaming Swan collection. I have never tried their veiling pact, so I wanted to get it to try it :) I haven't used this yet, but I can tell you, it obviously won't work on darker skin tones. Sorry guys, I feel your pain! It's almost a little too light for me, but I can make it work with some bronzer. Love the packaging though :) The picture is actually printed on the compact, so you don't have to worry about it pealing off like the blushes!

It comes with a  little puff and also has the Dreaming Swan logo imprinted in the powder!
Next, are the Dreaming Swan Shine Volumer. These are meant for use on both the face and the eyes. However, I would NOT recommend using these on the face. They are so glittery and shimmery, they'd really only be pretty on the eyes. I haven't tried these out a ton yet, but I'm excited to see how they look!  

Shiner Volumer in #01 Dreaming Swan. A nice pearly, white color. Has some pink glitter to it. 
Shine Volumer in #02 Bright Toeshoes. A beige shimmer. Has some gold glitter in it.
Shine Volumer in #03 Shiny Tutu. The perfect rose gold. A nice combination of the two colors.  
Here's a swatch of the colors. Going from top to bottom, it's #01, #02 and #03. 
Finally, the nail polish kits! I was close to passing on these, but I honestly love colors like these. I'm a big fan a neutral nail colors because I think it looks so pretty and girly. So I got both kits because I figured I would get use out of them. They both come with sticker decals, but I didn't take pictures of them. I showed them in the video, so if you're curious about those, watch the video ;) 
Dreaming Swan Nail Kit in #01 Dreaming Swan. This has a light pink color and a gold shimmery color. 
Dreaming Swan Nail Kit in #02 Shiny Tutu. My favorite out of the two I think! It has a creamy, vanilla color and  a shimmery beige color.
And that's it! I did get the little bag, since I bought the value kit (which included the bag, lipstick and blush in pointe coral). I got it because it was cheaper than buying it separately and I showed the bag in the video! I didn't get the brush or the cushion compact case because I didn't need a little brush like that and I don't have the Etude House Cushion Foundation.. maybe one day :) Anyways, I hope this was helpful, so you could see what the products actually look like. For me, I know this is important because I have to order online, and sometimes the colors they show are not very accurate. Let me know if you love the collection as much as I do and don't forget to subscribe to my channel and share this post!

xoxo, Morgan