Happy Korean New Years! :) Tteokguk Recipe (Beef and Rice Cake Soup)

Thursday, February 19, 2015

In honor of the Lunar New Year (which is today, if you weren't aware!), my mom and I made Tteokguk. Tteokguk is a Korean beef and rice cake soup that is traditionally eaten on the Korean New Year. It's supposed to start off your year right and make sure your new year is prosperous, happy and healthy :)

I've included the ingredients for the recipe below. Notice, I didn't put specific measurements or amounts because this is definitely the type of soup where you add however much of each ingredient you want! :) 

  • Minced Garlic
  • Beef (chopped into small pieces)
  • Beef Broth (or beef broth cubes)
  • Water (obviously) haha
  • Rice Cakes 
  • Chopped Green Onions
  • Seaweed
It's super easy so if you make a different version or make this one, let me know! Hope you're all happy and healthy as always and that you have a wonderful new year!

xoxo, Morgan 

Shopping in Seoul: A Guide for Shopping for Prescription Eye Glasses

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

When I found out that you could buy super cheap prescription glasses in Seoul, I was like “YES!”. If you’re not aware of it already, I have terrible eyesight. Like, really bad eyesight. I’m practically blind. So I rely heavily on my contacts and glasses. The idea that I could broaden my eye glass collection for cheap was so exciting!
The table I picked my glasses from! 
It might seem a little overwhelming at first when you’re looking to buy prescription glasses. Most places have a florescent eyeglass sign above the door. The trick is to find the stores that offer cheap prices because there are stores that sell high-end, expensive glasses. And buy expensive, I mean a couple hundred bucks for the frames alone! In order to find the right store, feel free to walk in, browse and ask how much frames are to get an idea of their prices. Some cheaper glasses stores are more obvious that they have cheap glass (some have a table full of glasses with a sign that says 20,000 won, 30,000 won, etc)

This is the store where I bought mine! 
The store I bought my prescription glasses at was in Nongdaemun market. Don’t ask me where because I can’t remember where it was, I just know I got them in this area. I paid 65,000 won for two pairs of prescription glasses. That’s about $65! Talk about insane right?! In the United States, I’ve paid anywhere from $250 to $450 for glasses.

The cat-shaped glasses I bought! 
It’s really best if you have your prescription on you, so you can make sure you’re getting the right lenses. I remembered what mine is, so I was able to make sure I was getting the right prescription. Fear not though, they usually all have a free check-up to see what your prescription is. I just figure it’s better to know before you go to be certain.

The large framed glasses I bought 
I chose the frames I liked and my mom and I left for about an hour and walked around the market. Some nicer places serve you free coffee and tea while you wait too! When we came back, the guy working there had my two pairs of glasses ready! They came with a case and a little cloth to clean the lenses with.

There are glasses everywhere
Overall, don’t be intimidated to shop around! There are TONS of eyeglass shops around Seoul, and it’s almost the thrill of the search to try to find the best deals and cutest frames. Plus, they’re used to people popping in, asking the price, and shopping around more. Let me know in the comments below if you have a specific store that you love to go to in Seoul. I’m sure other readers would like to know! Happy shopping and travels!!

Xoxo, Morgan