3B Beauty Beyond Borders: Mini Asian Beauty Haul!

Monday, December 5, 2016

Hello, everyone! In today's post, I'm going to be sharing with you guys some items 3B sent me and do a little mini haul for you. They sent me some new, fun and interesting products, so I'm excited to share them with you and see if any of you have tried these.

Let's get to the breakdown...

If you're not familiar with 3B, 3B stands for Beauty Beyond Borders. They're a Asian Beauty subscription service that is EXTREMELY affordable and brings new beauty products right to your door. I think that's the first thing I noticed about the box, is how much less it costs compared to other beauty boxes. For one month, the cost is $15. For 6 months, it costs $14 and for the full year, it costs $12. The last two options auto-renew themselves. For the boxes, the shipping is free so that's awesome! Unfortunately, for the time being, this is only offered in the United States. Hopefully that's a temporary thing :) 

So these are some of the products that I received in my box! 
 The first thing that jumped out to me when I was looking over the sheet masks was my beloved Leaders sheet mask. I can NEVER get enough of Leaders sheet masks and I recommend them to everyone. I haven't tried the other two yet but I have high hopes! 
 Prior to receiving my box, I did a little research on this brand, Neogence, It's a Taiwanese brand that is formulate by doctors so address different skin needs. I noticed that this was a Hyaluronic Acid based product, which I usually gravitate towards since I have really dry skin. The bottle, itself, is on the small size but when I opened it up and felt the formula, I was impressed. It has the weirdest consistency! 
 The consistency of this essence is like a thin gel. As you can see on the back of my hand, it holds it's form. So hopefully, that gives you a good idea of what this feels like. However, when you rub it into your skin, it almost melts into water. It's bizarre, but AMAZING! I took this little bottle and put it in my bathroom for immediate use in my current skincare routine. I've been using for about a week and a half now, and I love this extra layer of moisture. It goes on smoothly and feels slightly tacky for about a minute after applying. However, after this sets, it's perfect for layering! A night little addition to my skincare routine for another step of moisture :) 
 Next, we're these little bottles here. I took a picture with them in my hand so you could get the scope of the size. I think these are handy for traveling purposes, or if you want to test out the formula first and see if you like it. I haven't tried these out yet (because I was so excited about testing out the Neogence essence) but I'm looking forward to seeing how these feel. 

 This peeling gel is from the same brand as the other serums above. Prior to receiving this box, I've actually never heard of this brand before so we'll see how all these products do! After doing a little research, this is a Japanese brand that is somewhat popular for their serums (above). However, I'm going off a bit of a tangent here so back to the product below! This is evidently one of their best-selling products. This is a water-based peeling gel, so it's meant to be fairly gentle on the skin. I'd say, this is going to be nice not only as an exfoliator, but as a way to deep-clean my skin every once and while  
Alrighty! I hope you guys enjoyed this little Asian Beauty Haul! I've actually done a haul with 3B in the past, so I'll go ahead and leave it below in case you're curious. It's not of the products I just mentioned, but I give more information about the brand and talk about different products. As always, please don't forget to subscribe to my Youtube Channel, The Beauty Breakdown, and follow this website! :) 

The Ultimate Cushion Foundation Guide, Review, and Comparison...32 Different Cushions!

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

It's taken me a while to get this review together because...well... I feel like it's pretty self-explanatory. I reviewed 32 CUSHION FOUNDATIONS in one video! So not only was the testing process super long, but it took me a while to be comfortable with the cushion foundations in this video. I mean, you've seen how often Korean Beauty companies come out with new products. I just couldn't decide when I'd had enough to do this review with. Well, I broke down and just did it! It took a ton of work and, of course, this video is super long but I think it's really informative. So I hope you enjoy this video and I also included the close up swatches I did on paper!

Let's get to the breakdown...

Here's a list of the cushions I reviewed in this video, plus links of where to buy them! 
Also, be sure to select the YOUR shade for the cushion foundation!
-Lancome Blanc Expert Cushion Compact High Coverage (Bought in Duty-Free at Airport)

Swatches on Paper
I decided to swatch each of the cushions on a piece of lined paper for two reasons: 1. So you could see the coverage because it's lined 2. So you could see the contrast in undertones against the white. Notice, I placed the brand name above the swatch and the particular cushion and its shade below. 

FTC: Links used are affiliate links! You can choose to use them or not :) This is not a sponsored review.

Anyways guys, I hope you enjoyed this video! It was a lot of work, but I think it's helpful for those of you guys who are looking into any of these :)


[REVIEW] Gold Elements Haul, Review and My Thoughts / Experience

Monday, November 14, 2016

Hello everyone :) So Gold Elements reached out to me a couple of months ago and asked if I wanted to try some of their products out. After looking into their skincare line, I was excited to try out their line because their products feature gold leaves! Fun and exotic right?! So let's go through, take a look at the products, and I'll explain my experience with their products.

Let's get to the breakdown...

Disclaimer: Gold Elements sent me these products for review. They did not pay me and all opinions are my own.
Truffle Infusion Eye Serum
So I know what you're thinking... truffles?! What the heck?! First of all, truffles are a VERY pricy food that's considered a delicacy. However, when incorporated into skincare, it can help make your skin look more even by blocking the production of melanin in the skin. It also contains amino acids, which help prevent aging. 
 So let's talk about my experience with this eye serum. This eye serum has a light-weight consistency. I love that because it's perfect for layering, daytime, and the warmer months...which is when I was using this serum. It also smooths onto the skin very nicely. The serum is a beautiful gold color and almost has a bit of shimmer to it. Now let me talk about my eyes for a bit. I have SUPER sensitive eyes. It's honestly way too much to get into, but if you follow my social media or youtube channel, you've probably heard me talk about this. This serum did not irritate my eyes, which was a relief. I also liked that it kept my under eyes hydrated. I can notice when I'm neglecting my eye area (because my fine lines are more pronounced when I'm not being diligent) and which this serum, I felt that my under eye area looked more plump. It's hard to say whether or not I noticed a long-term difference, but I like this! 
 But here's the thing. This is EXPENSIVE. I actually didn't realize how much this cost (because they sent it to me in exchange for a review) until I looked up more information of this product for this review. When I saw the price, my jaw dropped. It's $699. I actually think this is a very valuable part of this review... I had no idea how much this line cost. In other words, when I was using this line, did I think this was a $699 eye serum? No. I had no idea. I thought it was nice, the packaging is nice.... but I honestly don't this is $699 nice. So takes that for what it's worth. 

Age Treatment Moisturizing Cleansing Oil
I love cleansing oils. I can't live without double cleansing my skin! I don't wear makeup everyday, but when I do, I wear a lot...so cleansing oils and balms are a must in my routine. As you can see in the picture below, it's a beautiful gold color. I love the consistency of this because it's super smooth and glides onto the skin. As for my experience with this cleansing oil, I love that this doesn't leave my skin feeling stripped. It actually leaves my skin feeling very comfortable, soft and smooth. I would say this is best for those you who don't wear a ton of makeup. As you can see below, I applied some mascara and eyeliner to the back of my hand and massaged the oil on the swatches to show you guys how effective this is. It doesn't break up the makeup as much as I'd like it to, so I save this for my no makeup days. 
After massaging the cleansing oil onto the makeup swatches. 
After I rinsed my hand. 
Intensive Cleansing and Softening Lotion
 I have very dry skin. So I've become more selective when it comes to cleansers. I can immediately tell if I like a cleanser or not just by judging how dry my skin feels after using it. This cleanser is really gentle on my skin. It leaves my skin feeling refreshed because it's a nice soft cleanser. However, again, with most of these products... I didn't realize how expensive these products were. So when I was using this, did I think this was a $129 cleanser? No, I didn't. I did enjoy using but I don't think I would shell out that much money for ANY cleanser. 

Also, I would like to note... this cleanser does not really lather! Totally a preference thing.. personally I don't mind but some of you might prefer a cleanser that lathers more! 
D'Or Facial Cream
This moisturizer kept my skin nice and hydrated. As you can see in the picture below, it's a medium consistency... not too thick, not too thin. I felt like this absorbed pretty quickly and didn't feel heavy on my skin. Overall, I feel like this is a pretty basic face cream. I didn't notice a significant difference (possibly because I always heavily hydrate my skin with LAYERS of skincare) but I like that it felt comfortable on my skin.   

D'Or Facial Peeling
Last but not least, I tried out their peeling gel. I personally like peeling gels because I feel like it's a gentle way to exfoliate and stimulate my skin without having to abrasively scrub at my skin. This peeling gel makes my skin feel SO SOFT! It does a really nice job of removing dead skin cells and my skin looks visibly brighter after using this.  

I hope you guys enjoyed my review of some of the Gold Elements products I received! Let me know if you've tried some of their products. I look forward to hearing your thoughts :) 


[REVIEW] New Etude House Any Cushion Cream Filter First Impressions

Thursday, October 20, 2016

I know, I'm a sucker for cute packaging. Who isn't though?! I saw Etude House's promos of this cushion and I was smitten. Call it love at first sight? Yes, I think so. This is the new Etude House Any Cushion Cream Filter so...

Let's get to the breakdown.... 

Wanna pick one up too?! Here's where I got mine
I REALLY like the packaging of this cushion. Personally, I'm really liking what Etude House has been doing lately. I've noticed they're really slimming down their cushion packaging. Not only does this make it more compact, but it just looks so sleek. And can we talk about the holographic cover?! I'm obsessed. It's so beautiful and eye-catching!
The back of the box and compact
The coverage of this is low. This does not cover a lot of imperfections and you would definitely need to use a concealer with this cushion. If you have great skin already, you could probably get away with using this alone. For me, I like my pimples, dark circles, etc. to be perfectly concealed so I would've liked this cushion more if the coverage was higher.
I have a dark, little freckle on my wrist. I use that to demonstrate the coverage :) 
The formula of this cushion is extremely blend-able. It's very effortless and in no time, you're perfectly blended. The formula of this is also a bit sticky upon first applying this. This helps with the adherence to the skin, therefore, making it very easy to work with. Also, this cushion has a "net" aka, the filter. This helps the foundation smooth over the puff more evenly. In turn, making it easier to work with as well.

Shades. Shades. Shades. This is something that, for most, is an immediate "yes!" or "deal-breaker!". Fortunately, Etude House came out with 5 shades for this cushion foundation! Thank goodness. I personally feel like more Korean Beauty brands need to come out with a higher range of shades. There's vanilla, petal, beige, sand (the one I got!), and tan. I included the promo swatches in my video, but if you're still unsure, I would definitely recommend checking out other live/blog swatches online. Always super helpful, right?!

This lasting-ability of this is.. meh. I felt like a lot of it wore off by the 4-5 hour mark. Although, this isn't necessarily marketed as a long-wearing cushion. I feel like a little primer and powder would make it last a lot longer. However, on it's own, it doesn't last spectacularly long.

This finish of this is another win for me. I love how natural this looks. Now, when I heard this was a "moisturizing" cushion, I was torn. I loved the packaging, but I know myself... I usually don't like moisturizing or dewy cushions. I just don't like the look personally! Although, this is always a battle because I do have dry skin. To me, this cushion was the perfect balance. I LOVED the glow, didn't find it overly sticky or wet, and loved that it kept my skin hydrated.
Overall: 3.5 out of 5 stars
This is not going to make your skin look perfect... unless your skin is already really nice. I do find this is a nice, light cushion but I love me some coverage (like most people I think!). I just wish the coverage was a little higher and that it lasted for a bit longer. Do I think this is a bad cushion? Absolutely not. Is this a must-buy? Absolutely not. Worth a shot if you're curious but keep in mind the notes I made above :) For more information, swatches, and a demo, don't forget to check out the video review I did of this! Also, check out my youtube channel, The Beauty Breakdown, for more Korean beauty, travel, etc!


Having Dessert in Myeongdong at O'Shakes | The Travel Breakdown

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

I've been saving this footage for a year now! Can you believe it?! So last year, when I was in Korea, I took a ton of footage and this is something I wanted to save for the Fall time. The dessert place I had gone to was all decked out in Halloween decorations so I thought what better time than now to get this baby up! Here are the details of the day and where I went exactly!
So, let's start up with the beginning of the day. That morning, I had gone to the Dog Cafe. I wanted to get there nice and early so I could beat the other customers so I could get great footage for my video for you guys! However, to my dismay, it was closed :( I had already visited that same cafe several times (FYI, the Dog Cafe in Myeongdong doesn't open on time. haha.) and it was never open! Determined to get in, my mom and I ended up walking around Myeongdong and decided to get a snack in O'Shakes. I was immediately attracted to the store because #1 it looked delicious, #2 it was adorably decorated, #3 I could've gone for something sweet.

If you're ever in Myeongdong and decide you want to try this place out, here's the location!

Address: 11-26 Myeong-dong, Jung-gu, Seoul, South Korea

Closest Metro Station: Myeongdong
Tel: +82 02-3789-0125
Website: www.o-shake.com

For those of you guys who like the pictures, here they are! Like I said, I was absolutely mesmerized by the beautiful and festive decorations. Plus, this place has several floors so there's lots of possibilities for seating!!

My dessert! Look how pretty it is!! 
The floor that we sat on! There's an additional floor upstairs!

I hope you guys enjoyed my little post on O'Shakes! If you end up going or if you've ever gone, let me know! 


My Fall Morning Routine + Healthy Living Tips!

Thursday, September 29, 2016

Hey guys! So, as you saw in my most recent video, I filmed a Fall Morning Routine! Since I've moved, I've been all over the place! I feel like I've had no set schedule, I haven't been eating the best, and I haven't been taking care of myself. I'm using the start of Fall as my spring board for getting back into the swing of things. In this video, I included my tips for a healthy mind, body... and even healthy hair! I also want to thank SheSpeaks and Neutrogena for helping me with the giveaway! :)

Let's get to the breakdown...

First things first, lets talk details for the giveaway!
1) The winner will get their own bottle of Neutrogena Anti-Residue Shampoo!
2) Post a picture of your own "anti-residue moment" on Instagram. (ex. My anti-residue moment is when my hair is sweaty after a workout or when I've been using too many products on my hair!)
3) Tag me and Neutrogena so we can find your post! @morgansbeautybreakdown and @neutrogena
4) Use the #ByeBuildup
5) This is open for US residents only and the winner will be chosen on Oct. 4!

Tip #1: Workout in the Morning
I HAVE to work out in the morning. I know myself. If I don't get it done first thing, I'll make excuses later on in the day and never get my workout in. Plus, I love the feeling of getting it done and not having to think about it for the rest of the day. It also is a great way to start the day with a healthy mindset.

Tip #2: Put your best foot forward (or hair ;) )
Obviously, I shower after hitting the gym. Since I've been working out more, my hair gets super greasy... and stinky. Hey, real talk here! I'm also SUPER guilty of applying way too much product to my hair, which builds up and weighs my hair down overtime. I like using Neutrogena Anti-Residue Shampoo once a week to obliterate all the yuckiness in my hair! It makes my hair feel super light and squeaky clean, but doesn't feel like it strips my hair. My hair is super soft and shiny after I use this and I just love how my hair looks and feels. Putting my best self out there makes me feel ready for the day.

Tip #3: Find a way to get those veggies in!
Now, if you like eating vegetables.. good for you! I'm quite jealous. I, on the other hand, struggle getting my daily fill of vegetables. I wouldn't completely rely on juicing to get all your greens in (you still want to eat the fiber, etc) but it's a great tool to help you reach your daily needs. I still "force" myself to eat vegetables, but juicing is a way for me to get a rush of nutrients. It makes me feel energized and I like drinking it on an empty stomach because my belly is able to absorb all the goodness :) After about a half an hour, I have solid food.. so toast with peanut butter, oatmeal, etc.

Well, I hope you guys enjoyed my Fall Morning Routine! I'm super excited it's finally fall and I'm ready for sweater-weather, pumpkin spice everything, and the changing leaves. What are you excited for?? :)

This post was sponsored by Neutrogena as part of an Influencer Activation for SheSpeaks. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commissions (FTC) guidelines concerning the use of endorsements and testimonials in advertising. I received complimentary products to facilitate my review.


How I Used to do my Makeup in High School + School Tips

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

I saw this tag floating around on Youtube and I thought it was HILARIOUS. It gave me vivid flashbacks of my horrendous makeup skills back in the day... I wore way to much makeup, bright colored eyeshadows, and had super thin, overly-plucked eyebrows. Despite all my makeup mishaps, I still don't regret a single thing... except maybe the eyebrows. lol. We all learn and hey, I had fun with my makeup back in the day! Here's my video showing you guys how I used to do my makeup in High School and me talking about some of my experiences in high school.

Now that we've gotten that out of the way, here are my Top 5 Tips for High School:

1)  Get involved. 

I know this is a super cliche message, but I'm serious... GET INVOLVED. If I hadn't been involved in high school, I would've had way too much time on my hands, wouldn't have made the friendships I made, and wouldn't have had as much fun. It's a great way to put yourself out there... without really putting yourself out there. Just trust me on this one, you'll regret it one day if you don't! 

2) Take those AP tests.

This is one thing I regret a bit. I took AP classes (advanced placement) but for some odd reason, I decided not to take all the tests. If you're not familiar with how AP classes work, you take a class that's more study and labor-intensive, take a test, and if you pass... they count for college credit. I think the biggest reason why I didn't take the tests was because they cost $89 (I think... it's been a while, but in that ballpark!) and I felt like it would be a waste of money if I didn't pass. However, I didn't calculate how expensive college courses could be. So take them...if you pass them, you'll have a ton of money at the end of the day. 

3) High School boyfriends/girlfriends usually don't translate into long-term boyfriends/girlfriends, husbands/wives, etc. 

Now don't get me wrong... I'm all about the romanticized idea of high school sweethearts. They do exist!! However, for the most part, I find that none of those relationships usually last. Let's put it this way... please do not wager your future or compromise your goals for a relationship in high school. I've seen plenty of people decide on where their going to college (usually not their first choice) based on their boyfriend or girlfriend. At the end of the day, most of the relationships don't pan out like they'd hope. Let me sum this up in easier terms... if it's meant to be, it's meant to be. Don't place too much weight on high school relationships. 

4) Stay on top of your homework

Start getting used to doing your homework in a timely manner. It may seem hard now, but college is a couple levels harder as far as the curriculum goes. You're better off getting used not procrastinating and planning. It'll save you a lot of stress now and later!

5) Don't sweat the small stuff

Seriously. It's not worth it. All you can do is try your best... you need to be honest with yourself! If you know you're doing all you can... hey that's all you can do! Didn't get a great grade on the calculus test? Regroup, study, find a tutor, and try again. Just don't make a habit out of bad grades :) 

Well, there you go! Something a little different, I know, but I thought it would be a fun post to share with you guys. Let me know your tips for high school (or college) and I'll see you guys soon :) 


[HAUL] New The Face Shop Disney Collection Haul, Review and Demo

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Ok so fun fact...I'm a HUGE Disney fan. I love anything Disney so when I saw The Face Shop had released a new collection collaborating with Disney, I had to get it! I immediately went online, expedited my shipping so I could get it quickly, and made this video for you guys :) I was sure to swatch, demo and review everything so you guys could get a good idea of what the collection is like. Here's the written version for those of you who prefer this type of format!!
Let's get to the breakdown....

The Face Shop Disney Coloring Stick Eyeshadows
I ordered two of these stick eyeshadows because in all honesty, I wasn't super interested in these. One thing I've noticed is that a lot of Korean beauty companies make really similar shades. I only picked out a couple so I could review them for you guys. These, in my opinion, aren't really that great. They look pretty, are sparkly, and smooth but these fade really fast. They also smudge pretty quickly so really these are only nice for the packaging. 

The Face Shop Disney Cushion Foundations
These were products I really wanted to try! I LOVE the packaging on these and I love that they are 3D . There are 3 different formulas, which I believe are all new. If they're not new, The Face Shop changed the names of them. I'm going to test them out further and give you a more in-depth review but for now, this is a little overview of what the concept of these are. The Mickey case is the BB Power Perfection. This one is meant for oily/normal skin. The Mike case is the CC Long-Lasting cushion. Like the name implies, this is designed to last all day and through humidity. Finally, the Pooh bear packaging is the CC Cooling Cushion. This one is the moisture version and is designed for dry skin. 
Buy them here: 

The Face Shop Disney Lip Products
The Face Shop Disney Tinted Lip Balm
This is a nice little tinted lip balm. The consistency is closer to a gel than a cream and I also love the smell of this. It smells like candy! I love how smooth this applies and it feels really comfortable on the lips. Plus, the color is actually visible and it gives your lips a nice touch of color. 

The Face Shop Disney Ink Gel Stick
I got one of these and this is another product I would say isn't a must. It's a decent lipstick but I just find this a little too slick for my liking. The consistency feels a bit cheap because it's so thin. The color is fairly nice but again, I feel like it's the packaging that sells this product. 

I also got the watery tint in Pink Imagination and I really like this tint. It's a comfortable tint to wear, doesn't overly dry your lips, doesn't crack and it lasts for a while. I think the tinted lip balm and the watery tint are the winners here. I would recommend those over the gel lipstick for sure! 
Swatches from left to right: Ink Gel Stick in Coral Overalls, Tinted Lip Balm in Sweet Rich Pink, and Watery Tint in Pink Imagination
The stain that's left behind after wiping the swatches off
The Face Shop Disney Mono Pop Lips & Eyes
There are 3 palettes available with this collection. I ended up getting the Mickey version (even though I ordered the Pooh version too but US customs took it out of my package for some reason) and this is the only palette out of the three that has both the eyeshadows and cheek/lip colors. This is the perfect palette for traveling, staying overnight somewhere, or if you're looking for a beginner palette. The colors are nice and neutral and the eyeshadows are pigmented and smooth. I would say the cream colors are better on the lips than the cheeks. I would definitely recommend this palette! 
Alright you guys! Hope you had fun checking out this collection with me! Let me know of any other collections you'd like me to check out :) 

FTC: This is not a sponsored post. I purchased the products with my own money. Affiliate links used!