[Review] Laneige Water Sleeping Pack_EX

Thursday, January 15, 2015

This is one of those products you hear so many people rave about! So when I went to Korea last summer, I knew I just had to pick this up. Laneige, which in French translates to "the snow", is a one of those brands that's not necessarily cheap, but it's not super high end either. I believe I bought this at an Amore Pacific store for about 25,000 won or $25.

Ok so lets get to the review!

This is just your typical packaging. It comes in a jar and the one I bought is 80 mL. It doesn't seem like a really big jar, but this should last you a fairly long time! 

On the back of the box, the only english is "The secret of water science". This is because Laneige skincare is know for its water-like properties. This provides moisture to the skin, which is the main benefit from using this sleeping pack!

What is a sleeping pack?...
If you're not familiar with sleeping packs, they are basically thin "masks" or a heavy moisturizers. For the most part, they are usually clear and aren't extremely noticeable when you have them on. Like the name implies, you wear it while you sleep and its supposed to work its magic overnight. Don't worry, this sleeping mask does dry to a smooth texture and doesn't stick or get on your pillows! That means comfortable sleeping :) 

Like I mentioned above, this has a fairly light and "bouncy" consistency. It jiggles kind of like jell-o in the container :) This makes is easy to apply a thin layer!

How to use it...
After you cleanse your skin and apply your normal night time skincare you routine, you finished everything off with a thin layer of this. That's it! Go to bed and you'll wake up with a fresh and dewy face. Just be sure to wash it off in the morning!

I absolutely LOVE this stuff. It makes my skin feel so fresh when I wake up and I love anything that will work for me while I sleep. How much easier can that get?! Plus, you can apply a fairly thin layer, so it doesn't feel heavy, but you still receive all the awesome benefits! Soft and supple skin :) 
It comes with a spatula! How convenient!!