[Review] Holika Holika Aqua Petit Jelly BB Cream

Friday, January 16, 2015

This is one of the most famous BB creams on the internet and in Korea. It's gotten rave reviews from many popular beauty bloggers, including Michelle Phan, who mentioned it in one of her videos. So naturally, I had to buy it and review it myself :) 

So let's breakdown the...

The BB cream comes in a glass jar shaped like upside down jell-o. The cap is super cute, and it also comes with a nice sponge for application (I actually just use my fingers!) 

The jelly-like texture is supposed to provide your skin comfortable and moist without feeling too heavy. It's also supposed to be nice, dewy and radiant, which makes it a very natural looking foundation. It also has an SPF of 20, which is awesome because I like anything that protects my skin from the sun. I feel like nowadays, every foundation should have SPF in it! 

The shade I got was 02. Like many Korean foundations, BB creams and CC creams, there are only two shades and they come in light colors. Most likely if you're any darker than a medium tone in American foundation colors, this will be too light for you. Luckily, I'm able to blend this in my skin more with a little bronzer and powder. 

Like I mentioned, the texture is jelly-like (hence the name) and very light. Because of this, it doesn't offer the heaviest coverage. I would say the coverage of this is light to medium. Although it's not heavy coverage though, it is build-able. You can apply a layer, let it dry, and then apply another one. That way, you can customize the coverage, which is nice! 

Like the name implies, this BB cream is jiggly like jello-! The cap has a spatula built in it, which makes applying it even easier. I like to just rub it into my skin, after I've applied my daily moisturizer and primer :)

I LOVE the finish of this! As I mentioned, it is a little light for my skin, but that's easily correct with powder and bronzer :) It has a nice, natural finish which looks soooo good! It blends in with my skin, doesn't look cake-y, and doesn't feel heavy at all. Really, it doesn't even feel like I'm wearing makeup!

Unfortunately, this is not the longest lasting foundation. After about 8 hours of wear, it feels like it wears off a little. Of course, this is something that can be fixed with some powder, but don't expect it to stay put through a 12-15 hour day! 

This is what is looks like with natural sun light! As you can see, it looks very natural and blends in with my skin very nicely. 
Packaging: ****
Benefits: ****
Shade Selection: **
Coverage: ***
Build-ability: ****
Consistency: ****
Finish: *****
Lasting Ability: **
Overall: ****