My Entire Laneige Brush Collection

Thursday, May 5, 2016

Hello loves :) I'm back from Singapore and while I was there, I picked up a TON of new goodies! You know how I do ;) Laneige was actually one of the sponsors for the events I was attending with Clozette, so they hooked a girl up! While I will be doing an entire Singapore haul, I wanted to show you guys close ups of these brushes in particular just in case you were interested in picking them up! Also, I've been using them for a bit now, so I wanted to give my thoughts as well :)

Let's get to the breakdown...

 So first off, these brushes are so soft! I love how they fell and they didn't really shed when I washed them. I would definitely say that this is a sufficient brush set... as in if you were to buy all of these you wouldn't need to get any other brushes. I mean realistically, you don't need any brushes. lol. But these are lovely! 
 One thing I have to note is that I have NO IDEA what the markings on the brushes mean. In the pictures, you can see that I sorted them by the color on the handle. However, I'm not sure what they mean because as you can see, they don't make sense. Like the eyeshadow brushes are not marked with the others and the foundation brushes are not marked the same. Hope that makes sense! 

Concealer, Foundation, Eyeshadow and Paddle Brush
Initially, what drew me to the brushes was the number 02 brush AKA the foundation brush. When I was getting my makeup done by Laneige, the makeup artists used it to apply both my skincare and foundation.. it felt SO good! I thought that was interesting.. not that I would actually apply my skincare with it everyday but who knows! Maybe if I'm feeling special. haha. The others are nice, but pretty standard brushes. 
Stipling, Powder, Smudge and Bullet Brush
Out of these 4 brushes, I'd say the powder is my favorite. The others are standard brushes but the powder brush is so soft and dense! I love how it applies my powder :) 
 Blush, Contour, and Lip Brush
I LOVE the blush and contour brush. I'm quite used to using a blush brush that is shaped more like a paddle, however, this one is more rounded at the top.. hope that makes sense. The makes applying my blush so easy and it looks perfect everytime! As for the contour brush, I love how dense this is and it's a bit more stout than other brushes I use. This makes contour super concise, yet blended. I don't really use lip brushes but it's handy to have one when I do! 
 Mini Stipling, Blending, and Eyeliner Brush
Out of these, I like the eyeliner brush the most. It's rounding so it makes drawing a natural line that is close to the lashes easier. The mini stipling brush is nice for highlighter and such. I find that the blending brush is actually too big for my crease. I think I'll start using it to set my under eye concealer!
 Eyebrow Brush
This eyebrow brush is slightly thicker than the one I'm currently using. This is nice for making my eyebrows look soft. It's nice for a change! A spoolie is a must for me, by the way, because I always brush out excess product after filling my eyebrows in. 
Well there's my new Laneige Brush Collection! I love them so much :) By the way, did you guys know that you're getting a preview of a video coming up? See, that's the benefit of following my blog too... you get sneak peeks ahead and time and get to see something first! Don't forget to subscribe to my channel, The Beauty Breakdown