[Review] TONY MOLY Tony Tint Delight Lip Tint in 02

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

I received the Tony Moly Tony Tint Delight as a freebie with my recent haul from Beautynetkorea! I love this site and think it's awesome they give you a free full-sized product after you spend so much money. I was excited because I'd heard some good things and immediately decided to try it out.

Let's look at....

The packaging...

This is just your typical lip tint packaging. I love the shape of the cap though, which is in the shape of a heart!

Like I mentioned, the shade number I have is No. 02

The applicator...
I have mixed feelings about this applicator. I like the shape because it is pointed, which makes it easier to apply this precisely. However, the doe-foot applicator is really long, which makes it kind of difficult to use the flat side to apply it to your lips. It kind of gets everywhere. You can also see in the picture that on the flat side of the applicator, there is a fair amount of product just sitting on it. Because the bottle doesn't scrape the lip tint off for you, you end up getting it everywhere. I had to actually use my fingers to wipe off lip tint that had gotten on the skin around my lips, and then I washed my hands so it wouldn't stain. 

The color and formula....
I like the consistency of this lip tint. It's nice and watery, which makes it feel very light. It's slightly sticky at first, but once it dries, it feels nice. It's a little on the dry side, but it's not the driest formula I've encountered. As for the shade, I love these type of red colors. They look so nice, and I don't feel like I need a ton of makeup on my face to pull it off. This is also a layer-able color, so if you want it to appear darker, you can apply one coat, let it dry, and then apply another!

The wear of the formula...
Ok, so this is where is gets tricky for me again. Since this is a watery lip tint, I don't expect it to last all day. Usually with these types of lip products, expect to reapply through out the day (so take it with you if you're leaving your house for a while!) Like most lip tints, it starts to wear off in random places, so it does look a little weird after a while. In the picture below, I had it on for a couple hours, and you can see it's wearing off on the edges of my lips and really staining the dry parts of my lips (near the center). It's not terrible but it's not the most flattering thing ever so you will have to touch it up every couple of hours! 

Here's a super close up to show what I'm talking about! 

The Breakdown....
Packaging: ***
Color: *****
Formula: ***
Lasting Ability: **
Overall: ***