[Review] G Dragon for The Saem Global Eco Red Lipstick + Swatches

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Hi there! Today I'm going to be reviewing G Dragon for The Saem Global Eco Red Lipstick! When I first found out G-Dragon was endorsing a lipstick specifically, I knew I had to pick it up! I was able to buy it during my trip to Seoul, Korea! I also featured this lipstick and other Korean cosmetics in my Makeup Haul

Back to the actual lipstick itself! I love the packaging... very sleek and I love that you can see what color it is from the packaging. 

Look at the glory of completely untouched, unswatched makeup! It looks so perfect I don't want to even swatch it!

 But of course I did :) As you can see from the swatch, it is a nice, wearable red, that is more on the orange side of red the a true blue-red. The texture is nice and smooth and it glides on without being dry.

This is what it looks like on my lips facing my window. In direct sunlight, the color looks a bit more orange than red in my opinion. Still very bright though! And a nice orange color at that!

This is what the color looks like in natural light (meaning not in the direct sun). As you can see, it becomes more of a red color! I love it :) 
But Morgan... is it worth it? 

Oh you bet I believe it's worth it! I bought it for around $8 when I was in Korea, which is a reasonable price to pay for a lipstick. Plus, it's wearable, which makes it a versatile lipstick. It's not too over-bearing and it doesn't look too harsh on any skin tone. 

xoxo, Morgan 

Pt. 3 Haul from Seoul, Korea!: Clothes, Fashion, Shoes, and Purses!

Here's the final installment of my haul from my visit to Seoul, Korea! I got a lot of cute things while I was there are LOVED how cheap everything was! Watch the video below from The Beauty Breakdown to see other things I didn't mention in this list including jewelry and accessories! :)

Here some pictures and prices (from what I can remember) of the things I bought :) By the way, I'm telling you the prices in USD... during the time I visit Seoul, the exchange rate for 1,000 won was 1 USD. So it's just easier for me to tell you USD :)  

These are high-waisted shorts I bought by Ehwa Womens' University. I paid $10 bucks for them.

I bought this Khaki-colored crop top in the area surrounding Ewha Womens' University as well. It was $5 bucks!

Around Korea, we would find these $10 purse stores! Everything in them cost $10 each! So my mom and I snagged a ton of cute styles :) What a steal right? I even ended up using the bright pink one in the lower right corner during my stay in Korea! They had a lot of these stores in the Insadong area, which was where we were staying.  

I bought this in the subway. haha. I don't actually remember which stop in particular (they have tons of underground shopping in the subways so it's not difficult to find good deals and cute things down there!) but I do remember this was $5 bucks as well :) 

I spent the most money on this coat... it cost $40! I like a good deal so usually I don't spend that much even at home on one thing, but I thought this was so cute and unique! I bought it by Ewha Womens' University (lots of good shopping there!) 

Another great shopping place for clothes is Dongdaemun! They have crazy multi-level stores that go on forever. I bought this top for $10 :)

I bought this top from the same vendor as the top above. It was also $10. 

How could I go to Korea and not buy shoes? This style was super popular during the time I visited and I saw so many women wearing the exact same shoes! Plus, these guys are super comfy! I bought them in Insadong, literally right outside of where we staying, and they cost $15.

I bought these shoes in the subway for $10. Again, I can't remember exactly which stop, but they have tons of booths in the subway pretty much on everystop, especially the main ones!

One thing I was really excited about buying in Korea were glasses. If you wear glasses or contacts, you know expensive they can be, so I only own a couple pairs. (Glasses in the United States are so expensive! I've paid anywhere from $200-500 dollars just as a reference) I bought these in Nongdaemun for $35! How great is that! They're nor brand-name or anything but I loved that I could buy some funky styles for so cheap! And yes, did I meant, they're prescription? :) 

This was another fun pair I bought. They also cost $35 and I bought them from the same place. Should I do a post on how to buy/where to buy glasses in Korea? Comment below if I should :) 

xoxo, Morgan