The Travel Breakdown: Study Abroad in Paris; Opera Garnier, La Sylphide, Angelina's

Sunday, March 23, 2014

On Day 10, we walked around Chatelet and Les Halles after class. Here, they have lots of shops and fun things to look at :) To go here, you literally just get off at the metro stop labeled Chatelet and Les Halles. This was another exciting night for me because we attended the play, La Sylphide. I've never seen a play before so it was exciting to see this one in particular because it is one of the world's oldest, romantic ballets. It was truly beautiful and a new experience because since it was a ballet, there was no dialogue. Instead, the dancers acted out all of the emotions with their expressions and movement. The ballet was at the Opera Garnier, which is one of the most famous and well-known opera houses in the world. If you visit Paris, look up tickets and see if you can catch a play! It's well-worth it. This was also included in our program!
the beauty breakdown opera palais garnier
Michael and I got to dress up for the occasion! This was taken inside the Opera Garnier. 

the beauty breakdown opera palais garnier
This is a huge chandelier that was above the seating area. 

the beauty breakdown opera palais garnier
This was the view from our seats. We sat in box seats, which gave us a great view of the entire stage and opera house.

I really appreciated being able to experience this play in the Opera Garnier. This is something I'll never forget! :)

Day 11 was "typical" day in Paris. We got our morning pastry and coffee at Aux Castelblangeois, went to class, and got lunch after at a place called Morry's. It's also along Rue du Faubourg and they have AMAZING bagels. I loved the bagel that had fresh slices of salmon and cucumber on it! It's similar to a Subway but for bagels. You can assemble your own toppings or pick a "pre-assembled" bagel. We also walked along the open air markets in the area. At the Bastille metro stop, you can find open air markets that sell fresh fruits and veggies and used/vintage goods. This is typically where we bought our produce (particularly the cherries and peaches, which are especially fresh and tasty) because it was cheap! We then went and walked around Les Jardin Des Tuileries again, and stopped by Angelina's pastry shop. This place is absolutely legendary and is supposedly the favorite pastry shop of Audrey Hepburn and Coco Chanel. Fancy! Overall, a little overrated, but I had to try it! The cake, mille feuille, is what they're know for, along with macaroons of course! Oh and you can't go to Angelina's and not try the hot chocolate :)
Angelina's Pastry Shop Macaroons
Here's what I got! Sorry for the poor picture quality!

 The following day, on day 12, we had another relaxing day. We got a "4 cheese pizza" from a cafe which included cheese like blue cheese and camembert cheese. It was definitely one stinky pizza and not what I was expecting when I ordered it! That night, we walked along the Seine, which is absolutely incredible at night. The Notre Dame is to die for and is literally magical. If you walk further down the Seine a mile or so (walking in the opposite direction of the Eiffel Tower) you'll come across where all the locals hang out at night. There's tons of salsa dancing, swing dancing, smoking, drinking, and laughing. There were even rap battles! Venture out and try to find these one night! They're really interesting and you feel like a true Parisian :) Be sure to bring a blanket, wine, cheese, and crackers so you can comfortably hang out :)

Hanging out along the Seine River

Playing a game while hanging out along the Seine :) 

Let me know what you think of this series so far and if you have any questions! :)

Read my next post! It's about Bastille Weekend (France's Independence Day! It's insane!!)

xoxo, Morgan