The Travel Breakdown: Study Abroad in Paris; Victor Hugo, Orangerie Museum, Club Rex

Monday, March 24, 2014

On the 15th day of my study abroad adventure in Paris, I had another lazy day. I was a little tired from all the festivities from Bastille Day (to read about Bastille Day, click HERE) so I basically went to class, visited the Notre Dame to watch a choir performance, and then made dinner back at the Cite Universitaire.

Day 16 was an interesting day because our travel abroad group visited the home of Victor Hugo, the author of Les Miserables and Notre-Dame de Paris (The Hunchback of Notre Dame). His home was cute and had a lot of art from Asia surprisingly!
A bust of Victor Hugo in the entrance of his home.

One of the walls in a room that was dedicated to Asian art.

A room in Victor Hugo's home that was filled with art from Asia!

Artwork in Victor Hugo's home that featured a scene from the Hunchback of Notre Dame. 

On the 17th day, the metro broke down on our way to class -__- We were almost an hour late but we were excused since it wasn't really our fault. After class, we met up with our study abroad group and we get a tour of the Orangerie Museum. This place is not a must visit if you're ever in Paris, but if you're interested in impressionist and post-impressionist art, this place is covered in it. Our group then walked through Les Jardin des Tuileries again and our professor talked about some of its history. One thing I observed while walking through the gardens was how many French people were sun tanning! They love a nice, tan complexion surprisingly! Also, lots of Parisians were out picnicking...summer in France is a great time for this activity. We finished the day by walking around the Le Marais area, which is kind of like a "Jewish" area in Paris. They have YUMMY falafel in this area, and if you ever visit this area, check out a place called L'As du Fallafel. This place is known for their falafel and it's pretty cheap too!

Day 18 on my study abroad in Paris experience was a normal day... until the sunset. This night in particular, we decided to go to a notorious club called Club Rex. It's supposed to be a big hot spot in Paris. A group of us decided to go, so we fueled up on some wine and headed out. We got to the club around 11:30 pm and were then told it didn't open till 12. We ate food while we waited and then headed inside when it opened. It was, of course, empty, so we asked the bartenders when more people would come. They told us 1 am, but when 1 am rolled around, we were still the only ones there...weird. We asked again and they told us 2 am so we waited again and you guessed it... still empty by 2 am. We left around 2:30. I have a feeling it was because we went out on a Thursday night. Here, in the United States, college students typically go out on both Thursday and Friday. But obviously that's not the case. Overall, out of all the clubs and bars I visited in Paris, I wasn't super impressed because they were just like the bars and clubs here. Not really too different... well except the nights they are busy!

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Even though we were the only ones in Club Rex, we still had fun! :) 

I will be adding pics for this post in the next day or so, so come back and check them out :) And don't forget to let me know what you think of this study abroad series!

Keep reading! In my next post, learn more about my excursion to Normandy and Brittany! This weekend was easily my favorite weekend of the whole trip!

xoxo, Morgan