The Travel Breakdown: Study Abroad in Paris, France; Why I Decided To Go

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Here's part 1 of my study abroad adventure in Paris. I'll give you a quick BREAKDOWN of what the 30 day program I participated in included:

  • unlimited public transport access (this included the metro system, the RER system, and public buses)
  • education at The University of Paris, Sorbonne
  • room and board at the Cité Universitaire
  • entertainment (I'll go into more detail of activities we did in upcoming posts!)
  • excursions (which I will also go over in upcoming posts :) ) 
  • free entrance to all the museums in Paris
So where to start? I guess I'll start by saying I'm making these posts after my study abroad experience. It was just easier to enjoy the moment and then go back and reflect on my time in Paris :) 
The Beauty Breakdown Morgan in Paris Eiffel Tower
One of the beautiful views I saw while climbing the Eiffel Tower!

I first decided I wanted to study abroad after my sister studied abroad in London. She had an amazing time and literally came back a changed person. She was much more "worldly" from the experience and she really grew from her experience. Since seeing how much she enjoyed London, I knew I wanted to study abroad. The first question of course is "Where should I go?" The obvious choice for me was Paris, France. 

In high school, I studied the French language and France for three years. I literally fell in love with the culture and history and the language itself is beautiful. Another reason why I chose Paris was because I wanted to experience something DIFFERENT. I wanted to go somewhere where the people spoke a different language, where the people acted differently, and where the culture was rich. For me, Paris encompassed all of this. 

The Beauty Breakdown Notre Dame Night Seine River
The Notre Dame at night along the Seine River
Next, I had the pick the program. Luckily, I found a great program through my school. The specific program I chose is actually organized through another college, but anyone can sign up for the program. If you're interested in studying abroad, be sure to check what programs your school has to offer. If they don't offer a program that fits your needs, ask them to refer you to a program that would! I'm sure they'd be able to help! I signed up for my program about 6 months before I departed. That gave me enough time to prepare and brush up on my French (at this point, I hadn't spoken the language for more than 4 years so I was a little rusty!) 

The center of the Cité Universitaire

The particular building I stayed in

The main clock building! We would picnic in front of this building all the time!

In the next series of posts, I plan on writing about my experience, what I did, what I thought, etc. so be sure to keep checking back for those! They'll be coming out in the next week or so :) 

Have you studied abroad? Are you thinking of studying or traveling abroad? Let me know and we can chat :)

Keep going! The next post about studying abroad in Paris where I talk about my experience in school, Les Champs Elysees, Le Louvre, and Les Jardin Des Tuileries! 

xoxo, Morgan