[Review/Haul] New Pony Effect Seoul That Girl Holiday Collection Swatches!

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Hey everyone! I'm excited to present to you the newest collection released from Pony herself...The Pony Effect Collection! These are products that are created and put together by Pony personally, and they'll be available for sale on Memebox soon! Their officially released November 19th, I wanted to show you guys close-up pictures, swatches of the products, and brief reviews!

Let's get to the breakdown...

Promotional Images
Sultry Cranberry Picture Tutorial
That Girl Fever Shadow and Luminous Contouring Palette
The first thing you notice about these palettes are obviously the packaging. I love how slim these are, which makes them nice and compact. Both palettes are accompanied with a massive mirror, which is always a plus. Also, I appreciate that the palettes are different colors. This is helpful when you're rummaging through your makeup collection! You'll be able to tell the difference between the palettes without having to open them. 
 The eyeshadow palette contains 9 different eyeshadows. They're nice sizes, at about 3/4 of an inch, and beautiful. They swatch wonderfully and look super pigmented on the eyes. I've done a few looks with them (see the one above!) and they're great! The only ones that fall a little short for me are "#Just 10 Seconds" and "#All That Glam". They're a bit chunky and have a bit of fallout to them. The other eyeshadows are nice, smooth, and opaque :) I'm actually super impressed with this palette and right now it's $33! 
Next, let's take a look at the contouring palette. Contouring has been all the RAGE in Korea right now, even though it's been popular here in the states for a while. However, instead of chiseling yourself new cheekbones, it's more popular to contour along your jawline in Korea. However, we all know the importance of finding a contour that is not orange or too grey so that the contour looks natural. I actually think Pony did an excellent job with this! I also love that there's two shades of contour, so depending on your skin tone or how heavy of a contour you'd like, you can definitely customize your look. However, the highlights are a bit lack-luster for me. I can see how they're a "natural" highlight, but they're just not exemplary highlights. They're not super shimmery and there's nothing super "glow-y" about them. Still not terrible though! 
Pony Effect That Girl Outfit Lipsticks
I have to say, I really like these lipsticks. The packaging is gorgeous and I love how bright and happy they are. The lipsticks have a magnet inclosure, so they snap shut when you close them. They seem pretty secure too! The formula of these are nice and smooth and don't take a ton of swipes to look nice and opaque. These are a satin finish and I don't find them super moisturizing. One this is.. I think these are a bit over-priced at $18 a pop (regularly $22) considering there's nothing phenomenal or super luxurious about the formula. I mean, I REALLY like MAC lipstick formulas and they're cheaper than these. 
Pony That Girl Outfit Lipstick in "Noble Brunch"
This is easily my favorite product out of this collection. It's the PERFECT nude! If you have had issues with finding nudes that don't make you look dead, your search is over! It's the perfect peach-y, pink nude that will go great with any look. A great color to through in your purse and wear daily! If you're going to get one lipstick.. get this one! 
 Pony That Girl Outfit Lipstick in "Expensive Dinner" 
I'd consider this a very wearable red. It's a bit of a cranberry red color and doesn't have any tones of orange to it. I like it and think it would be a nice color for the upcoming holiday season :)
 Pony That Girl Outfit Lipstick in "Vibrant Club"
I noticed in the promotional pictures that this looks really purple. However, I'd say again, this is a wearable berry color. It has a nice hint of deep plum. In my opinion, berry red is a good description of what this color looks like in person!
That Girl Illusion Nail Laquer
Now these are the only products from the line that I haven't tried yet. They look gorgeous though and I'm super excited this set comes with a cellophane effect polish. It's been so trendy in Korea and I can't get enough of it. Plus, look at those other colors! How pretty and I have nothing remotely similar to these shades so YAY! :) 
Well guys, I hope you're excited! If you're a fan of Pony, like I am, I don't think you'll be disappointed with the collection. Plus, it's just in time for the holidays! :)