[Review] New 2015 Etude House Moistfull Collagen Foundation Review

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Hello there :) Welcome back to my website! Today, we'll be looking at Etude House's new foundation, the Moistfull Collagen Foundation. Funny story actually... when I was in Korea (where I picked this up), I wanted to check this foundation out but couldn't find it anywhere! It was sold out in almost every store when I was in Seoul, Korea, but I lucked out at the Etude House in the airport because they had one left in my shade. Nice! :) I did a first impressions of this foundation, so be sure to check that out. Now let's get to the actual blog review of this product!

Let's get to the breakdown...

The packaging of this product is so cute and simple! I love Etude House products because they always look so cute and princess-y. I've heard that some people think the packaging of Etude House products look cheap... but I don't think so :) It also, obviously, comes with an air puff inside and a nice mirror!
I'm combining these two sections because I feel like in this circumstance, they're related and dependent on each other. The application of this is somewhat thick. Not too bad but with cream foundations like this, I find that I prefer to apply them with a separate brush versus the puff provided. Even the air puff applies these type of foundations a little thick.
As the day wears on, this foundation falls apart even more. It gets patchy, emphasized my dry patches (I have dry skin), makes my skin look super oily, wears off in random places, and to top it off, STREAKS! I've never had a foundation really do that to me. 
Now the shade of this applies SUPER grey. Like WTF ETUDE HOUSE?! As you can see in the video, my face looks super ashy when I apply it. And I usually match Etude House foundations in shade 2. However this foundation, which I forgot to mention is in shade 2 "natural beige", is not just way too light.. it's way too grey. Plus, it doesn't oxidize much. So you're stuck with that shade. Also, this is the darkest of the TWO shades that are available. Yes, there's only two shades available. Look at how ashy this looks below!
I've actually never disliked a foundation as much as I dislike this one. I know it's strong words, but I'm being honest with you guys because I don't want you to waste your money! I can't believe Etude House even thought this was ok to release! It does the opposite of what foundations are supposed to do... aka hide your flaws, make your skin look nice, last all day, make you look healthy. It makes you oilier and drier in certain spots, makes you look ashy and dry, wears off quickly in certain spots, and is just terrible overall.

Packaging: ***
Application: ***
Last-Ability: (no stars)
Shade: (no stars)
Overall: Can I give negative stars?