[Review] XO Memebox I'm Lipstick in #BC012, #MT007, #BC004, and #BC002 Review

Monday, October 19, 2015

Here's part 2 of the haul/review I'm doing of the XO Memebox line! Be sure to check out my review of the I'm eyeshadows as well :) Let's go ahead and move on to some of the lip products from Memebox.

You might be aware that they had an I'm Lipstick line that was packaged differently. These new lipsticks are supposed to be more opaque and have a better formula. Although I've never tried the original ones, let's go ahead and discuss these new versions.

Overall, I like the formula of these because they're nice and smooth. They're pretty hydrating, which works well on my ultra dry lips, and they're very pigmented so they don't apply blotchy. Also, keep in mind, none of my shades have shimmer or frost in them. They're all pretty balmy and they don't crease.

Let's get to the breakdown...
I'm Lipstick #BC012 Notting Hill
This is a great peach-based nude. It reminds me so much of my Etude House Color in Liquid Lips in BE101. This applies nice and smooth and unlike some nudes, looks nice and moisturizing. It doesn't get the gross cracked look nude-ish lips tend to get. I'd definitely say this is a great "nude" for those of you with darker skin tones because it doesn't wash you out!
I'm Lipstick in #MT007
This is easily my fave out of the bunch I have! I've actually almost used up half the tube and I've only had these for a month or so! This is a great mauve that doesn't look overly purple. I'd say this is the ultimate "my lips but better" type of color!
I'm Lipstick in #BC004
This is a pretty average pink color, although it's a bit more neon than I was expecting. Obviously, to me, this isn't a bad thing because I love me a nice pop of color every once and while :) Has a nice glossy finish, which provides a comfortable wear!
I'm Lipstick in #BC002 Ultra Violet
When I saw the swatch of this on the website, I HAD to get it. Look how great of a color this is! Obviously, this is not for the faint at heart. It's a "WHAM in your face" kind of color and comes off just like it looks in the tube! I love that they had more alternative colors that you don't see from every brand. 

Overall, these lipsticks are great! I mean, at $16 a piece, I'd hope they'd be! Since they're rivaling prices like MAC, I'd say they're really nice but kind of steep. I do love the packaging, however, and I think it looks super classy. 

Consistency: ****
Lasting-Ability: ** and a half
Comfort: ***
Packaging: ****
Price: **
Overall: *** and a half