October Mask Maven Review: Beauteque's Brunch

Friday, October 30, 2015

So you all should know at this point, I love sheet masks. I did a full video review of them on my channel, The Beauty Breakdown and spoke about why you should be using them. So yes, Korean sheets masks are like my secret to great skin!

However, there are so many sheets masks on the market and if you live in the United States like I do, they can be OVERPRICED. Luckily, Beauteque has a service called Mask Maven, which sends you 9-11 sheets masks a month for $15 a month (at most!).

Let's get to the breakdown...

First, I want to go over the prices! Since Mask Maven is a subscription type of service, you get a better deal for the longer you subscribe. For a one time purchase or 3 months prepaid, it's $15 a month. For 6 months prepaid, it's $14 a month and for 12 months prepaid it's $13 a month. Do the math... that's at most about $1.30 to $1.60 per mask. What a deal, right?

One thing I personally really like about Mask Maven is it takes the guess work out of it. Meaning, if you have no idea what masks are good or you don't know which ones to try (since there are literally 1,000s of masks to pick from), this is a good service to try!
Every month, they have a theme! For the month of October, the theme is so cute! It's called "Beauteque's Brunch", so all the sheet masks are food or drink themed :)
On the back of the card you receive with your Mask Maven, there are descriptions of each mask and their benefits. Of course, since this one is brunch themed, it's set up like a menu!
Green tea is a common ingredient in sheet masks. This one is from Botanic Farm! Green tea soothes the skin, helps add antioxidants to the skin, and reduces inflammation. 
This one is even shaped like a drink! It's a Cacao-Ade mask that also contains anti-oxidants, which fights free radicals that prematurely age the skin. 
 Fresh Fruit
Not going to lie, I'm fully aware that tomatoes are fruit, but I still consider them a vegetable! In Korea, they're definitely considered a fruit and can be found in ice cream, bingsu, and other desserts. It always makes me cringe... but I digress. This one from Beauty Friends II helps even the skin and fades dark spots and acne scars. 
Skinfood is known for using food as ingredients and Jeju is known for it's amazingly famous citrus fruits. Put those two together and you get this mask! It looks awesome and I hope it smells like tangerine :) 
You can't have brunch-themed anything without eggs. This one is from Esfolio and kind of reminds me of the Too Cool For School ones, which are really popular. Eggs are great for moisturizing, strengthening, and softening the skin.
This Skin 9 Super Puppy Whitening Honey Pack is one of those sheet masks that have the animal face imprinted on it. I've been dying to try one of these so I'm glad they included them in this Mask Maven. 
 As you can see, I went ahead and tried this one! It was so cool :) If you weren't aware of the several skin benefits of honey, honey helps keep skin firm and improves it's elasticity. Plus, it's naturally anti-bactieral, which helps fight acne.
 I also tried this one, but I hadn't opened it yet when I took this picture. This mask was SUPER moisturizing! Definitely one to use at night so all the essence has time to sink in. It also had this cool quilted pattern, which sustained the moisture for longer. If you want to see what it looks like, check out the video review :)
 House Special
Last but not least, there's the house special! This one is the Rainbow L'Affair 3-Step Mask Pack in Vitamin! If you've never use a sheet mask like this, they're pretty nifty :) You use step 1 to cleanse your skin and prep it for the treatment. Then you apply step 2 all over your skin and apply the sheet mask on top. Result; amazing skin. 

Well, that's my review of Mask Maven for the month of October. Don't forget to check out my video review and let me know if you've tried anything like this service!