[Review] Innisfree Long Wear Cushion Foundation 23 True Beige Korean Makeup Review

Saturday, September 5, 2015

This is the follow up post for the First Impressions I did on my channel, The Beauty Breakdown, and a write-up of the review that I did of the Innisfree Long Wear Cushion Foundation. My shade in particular is shade 23 True Beige. 

Let's get to the breakdown....
As with all Korean cushion foundations, this product comes in a compact format. Please excuse my dirty ass cushion pad. haha. I need to wash it. The packaging is nice and sleek and a bit slimmer that other cushion foundations, making it great for carrying around with you.
If you're familiar with Korean foundations/bb creams/cc creams, you know that Korean cosmetics companies always make their foundation in lighter shade. The shade that I have is the darkest shade they off. Altogether, Innisfree offers 3 shades. It actually matches fine with my skin as long as I blend it down my neck a bit. For reference, I'm about an NC 25-30. Also, a little bronzer to help it blend in never hurts ;)
The left side (my right side) has the foundation applied. The other side is just bare. 
This is the foundation all over my skin. As you can see, it's an ok match, and in person matches a bit better too.
This long wear cushion is the matte version. It's actually designed for people with oilier skin, but I still wanted to try it even though I have dry skin because I prefer matte foundations. This, however, was a little too dry on my skin. I had to apply a pretty heavy moisturizer underneath it so it would cling to my dry patches. Without a heavy moisturizer, I didn't like it because it emphasized how dry my skin it. However, with the moisturizer, it's a nice finish on me.
This was taken with a light moisturizer underneath. I don't know if you can tell from the pictures, but it would cling to the dryness on my forehead. 
This stuff sets pretty dang fast. Because of this, you have to work on one section of your face at a time. You can't pat it all over your face and then go back and blend. Work fast and in one area at a time!
OMG. This stuff is incredible as far as it's lasting ability. It lasts all day and maintained it's matte-finish. I was so happy with this and even wore it on a day when the temperature was 105 degrees fahrenheit! Even though I was sweating and stuff, the makeup itself didn't move. It might wear quicker on oilier skin types, but if on my dry skin (with heavy moisturizer underneath) it excelled.
Packaging: *** (and a half)
Shade: ***
Finish: *** (and a half)
Blendability: ***
Last-Ability: *****
Overall: *** (and a half) 

Just to sum everything up. I liked this foundation and will probably use it when it's hot. I know it's not meant for dry-skin types, but you can make it work by properly moisturizing your skin before applying it. On oily skins, I hear this is amazing as well, but I'm just speaking from my own experience and opinion!