[Review] Etude House Fantastic Color Eyes Rose Garden Palette 2015

Friday, September 25, 2015

How cute is this Etude House Fantastic Color Eyes Rose Garden Palette?! With all Etude House products, I'm obsessed with the packaging.... so let's see if what's inside is also just as great!

Let's get to the breakdown...

This palette is not only cute, but light and slim. Great for travel! Also, it has a functional mirror inside, which is always a definite plus!
The shades in this palette is exactly what's trendy in Korea right now! Koreans love nice peachy, pink, and coral colors because it makes you look cute and fresh. Also, most of the time when you apply these types of colors, it doesn't weigh down your face! Instead, it makes everything look brighter. So I'm pretty happy with these shades. I'd also like to add, it's nice to see a good mix of mattes, shimmers, and glitters.  
 These shades are all super blendable and apply nicely. It doesn't take too much effort to work with this shades.
 Color Payoff
These eyeshadows are great quality as well! They are smooth and are nice and opaque on the eyes. I also really appreciate the mix in finishes. Sometimes it's hard to find Korean brands doing this (especially with matte shades!). Like I mentioned above, there's a nice range of shimmers, mattes, and glitters. The shades below (from right to left) are: Juliette (shimmer), Honey Bouquet (glitter), Antique Touch (shimmer), Hand Tied (matte), Vintage Rose (shimmer), and My Girl (matte) 
I used this palette in my Korean one brand tutorial, so check it out if you want to see this palette in action!

Packaging: *****
Shades: ****
Blendability: *** (and a half) 
Color Payoff: ****
Overall: ****