Beauteque September BB Bag: Soothing Spa

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

This post will be a review of Beauteque's September BB Bag, which is themed as "Soothing Spa"! Sounds amazing right?! Well, I'm actually pretty excited to share with you guys what's in the bag because there are definitely some interesting things in this bag.
Just a quick backstory, I've done a couple review of Beauteque in the past, so if check those out if you're interested! Beauteque is a subscription bag service that sends you asian beauty products every month! I personally love the idea of this, because you get to try products you might not have picked out yourself and it's more affordable than buying the products individually. Plus, if you find a product you like in particular, you can buy the individual product on their website! So Beauteque Monthly is where you can find the subscription serve and Beauteque is where you can find the individual products.

Let's get to the breakdown...

These bags always include a card inside that has the theme of the bag, an explanation of the products, and how much they're valued at!

 The Saem Mint Jungle Foot Cream ($12 value)
This stuff is so nice! My heels have been so dry since I've been wearing sandals a lot, so I definitely need a product like this! This is a nice, thick cream that has a wonderful tingly sensation. Talk about refreshing!
 Aritaum Aloe No Wash Cleansing Water ($22 value)
I love aloe products and these type of cleansing waters are awesome. This removes your makeup quick and easy and there's no need to rinse afterwards! What is this good for? If you're traveling, aren't by a sink, or are just feeling lazy, you can use this to quickly remove your makeup and cleanse your skin! Super convenient!!
 Inner Kallia Special Care Modeling Pack ($6 value)
This is the coolest product in the bag! I've never tried a mask like this! It was so fun. As you can see in my video, it dries on your skin and you peel if off! Unlike other peeling masks, this does not feel like you're ripping your skin off. I've had peeling masks that make me feel like I'm waxing my face when I'm removing them. This just comes right off! 
Modeling Pack Bowl with Stirrer ($5 value)
This is for the mask above! Since you have to mix the mask with water, you can use this bowl and spatula to mix it in... they think of everything. haha
 Acqua Gems Herbal Soothing Cream ($18 value)
Evidently, you can use this pretty much everywhere. It's a super nourishing product that absorbs right into the skin. I read on the card you can use this on your hands... I have really dry hands from washing them so much so thank goodness! This makes my cuticles nice and pretty :) 
 Secret Key Secret Kiss Holic Pigment in Glittering Gold ($8 value)
When I opened the bag, I was so happy to see this! I actually own one of these but in a different color and I LOVE it! These are so sparkly and beautiful and I love the color range! 
 Travel Bag
Finally, there's the bag! I'm going to Korea (tonight actually) and I'm going to use this to put all my electronic cords/chargers in! I love the colors of the bag... my favorite colors: pink and teal :D

So there you go! So grab yourself one and we can all have our own spa day :D haha. Hope you're all doing well!