[Review] Elizavecca Milky Piggy Carbonated Bubble Clay Mask

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Today I'll be reviewing the Elizavecca Milky Piggy Carbonated Bubble Clay Mask! I received this product from Memebox, which is an awesome website where you can buy Korean beauty products. I mentioned it in this post, where I also hauled this product along with several other goodies from Memebox! I also did a first impressions on this product (which is at the end of this post!) , so don't forget to check out that video and subscribe to my channel, The Beauty Breakdown

So let's get to the breakdown...

This product comes nicely packaged in a plastic tub and also comes with a handy spatula. It also comes with a plastic lid inside to protect the mask from being exposed to the air. I'll explain this later, but don't throw this away! You need to keep it on there while you have the product! 

How this product works is you use the little spatula is comes with to smooth the product onto your skin. You then leave it on for 5 minutes while it works its magic and then wash it off!
This product is supposed to "deep-clean" your pores. Since it's carbonated and bubbly, it works itself deep into your skin to clean out impurities like excess sebum, dirt, oil and makeup! It's meant to work well on blackheads. This is supposed to be gentle on your skin and used weekly!

Omg, this product is so weird! It's a jelly-like texture and is an almost gross grey color! Ah, I was kind of scared to put this on my face!

When you initially apply this to your skin, work quick! You want to just get a glob from the tub with the spatula and quickly replace the plastic lid inside. This is because this product activates with oxygen exposure! So you want to be careful not to expose your entire tub or it will be ruined :(

Anyways, I used the spatula to smooth it onto my skin. It almost immediately starts bubbling! As you can see from the first picture, after one minute, the bubbles are already activating! You can actually hear the bubbles as the grow and one thing I was not expecting was the tickling/itchy sensation! This is not a bad thing because it's really from the bubbles. They move very slightly because they are growing and activating, and since it's so subtle, you can feel it! I found this very ticklish (as you can see in the video) but don't worry, it only last for about a minute!
After 3 minutes, you can see there are more bubbles! I was having a lot of fun with this mask clearly! haha.
 Finally, this is what it looked like after 5 minutes. There are lots of bubbles! One tip though if you decide to get this product is be careful not to put it to close to your eyes/hair/nose/etc. because it does expand! You don't want any bubbles in your eyes do you? haha.
 Next, if you want to make the mask more effective, once the bubbles have all expanding, massage the mask into your skin! This was a fun process for me because you get to pop all the bubbles and massage your skin. The mask is nice and smooth so this feels really nice!

 Once it's all popped and massaged in, it just looks like your typical clay mask!
And you reveal...dun dun dun!

Amazing skin! My skin felt so clean and smooth after using this mask! It didn't feel overly tight or dry but it just felt so nice and smooth! OMG I'm in love.
 I couldn't even believe how nice this made my skin! I couldn't stop touching my face.

I'm in love with this mask. It's fun to use and even better, it makes my skin look and feel SO nice! In LOVE :)

Packaging: ****
Fun: *****
Texture: ***
Scent: ****
Benefits: *****
Results: *****
Overall: **** (and a half!) 

If you end up using this product, tweet or Instagram me a pick and tell Memebox I sent you :)