One Brand Korean Makeup Tutorial ♥ Etude House Plus Mini Reviews!

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Yay for new series! This series on my channel, The Beauty Breakdown, features makeup tutorials using products from one brand. This video is on Etude House! If you've been a fan of my channel and website for a while, you'll know that Etude House is one of my favorites Korean beauty brands. This is because it's affordable, super cute, and high quality! The video tutorial is below so don't forget to subscribe! 

Now onto the breakdown of the products I used... 

Eye Makeup:
-Shine Volumer in Bright Toeshoes
-Drawing Show Creamy Eye Liner in Black
-Proof 10 Eye Primer
-Lash Perm All Shockcara Mascara
-Fantastic Color Eyes in Rose Garden Eyeshadow Palette

 Face Makeup:
-Precious Mineral Any Cushion BB Cream
-Beauty Shot Face Blur Face Primer
-Eye and Cheek Color in Releve Purple

 Lip Makeup:
-Color Pop Shine Tint in Coral Pop
-My Blooming Lips-Talk in Pointe Coral

And there you go! The product list for the Etude House Makeup Tutorial. Hope you enjoyed and if you'd like more of this series let me know :)