Follow Morgan: My Experience at the Hello Kitty Café in Seoul, Korea! 헬로키티 카페 왔습니다

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Helloooo there! So I’ve decided to make posts about my trip last summer to Seoul, Korea because I know there are some of you who enjoy reading about my experiences and looking at the pictures versus watching a video about it! Today’s post is going to be about my trip to the Hello Kitty Café

If you do want to check out the video though, here it is! I also have other videos on my channel, The Beauty Breakdown, that I haven't made posts on yet. So if you want to see more travel vlogs and Korean beauty and fashion videos, definitely subscribe! It would make me so happy :) 

The one we went to is located in Hongdae. Now let me tell you, it was quite the excursion trying to find this place! We ended up walking into a couple stores and asking for directions! Haha. It’s a little hidden, but not impossible to find, you just have to know where to look.
I was so excited we finally found it! This place is a great place to take a ton of pictures of course!
I took this map from the Official Website!
Anyways, you walk in and straight away, you see all the cute Hello Kitty themed desserts and drinks. They have a wide range of cakes, drinks, cookies and more! Seriously, this stuff is too cute to eat! Just see for yourself!
What you see when you walk in the front door.
Some of their drinks! You can see they had a 40th anniversary drink out when I was there. 
Look at those cakes! Aren't they so cool!? 
All kinds of goodies! 
I ended up ordering a peach tea drink though because I wasn't in the mood for dessert or something sweet. However, my drink ended up being SUPER sweet anyways so I guess this is not the best place to come if you're not craving sugar.
Seriously....diabetes in a cup. 
The sugar is getting to me...
If you're looking for souvenirs to take home with you, you've definitely come to the right place! They had a whole wall of Hello Kitty merchandise... everything from tea sets to trinkets to plushie toys!
Now get this, even the bathroom is Hello Kitty themed! I didn't take a picture of the bathroom but I took a picture of the sign pointing to the bathroom. I never knew a toilet could be so cute! 
 You'll also notice there is writing all over the walls. I assume it's ok to do this since there was literally writing everywhere! haha. I left my own little personal message... if you find it, please take a picture and send it to me! I want to see :D
I wish I'd brought a darker marker! All I had was a blue pen. haha. 
Should be easier to find since I wrote right next to that sticker! haha.
This is definitely a place I'd try to visit if you ever come to Seoul and love Hello Kitty like I do. I love that Seoul has all kinds of themed cafes and something for everyone! Hope you guys enjoy these travel posts! More to come :)