New L'oreal Spring 2016 Collection: Brow Stylist, Mono Riche Eyeshadows, Contour Palette, Pro Matte Gloss, etc.

Monday, April 4, 2016

I recently got a package from L'oreal with a lot of their new Spring 2016 Makeup Products! I want to start reviewing more "western" brands as well, so this came at a perfect time! If you want to see how all the products work on my face and more swatches, check out the video below. I tried on almost all the products so you could see what they actually look like :)

Let's get to the breakdown...

L'oreal Brow Stylist Prep & Shape Pro Kit
Ah, eyebrows. How I love you so. Is that creepy? Whatever. I'm just saying I make a point to make my eyebrows look good. So I love eyebrow products and anything that makes them look nice. My holy grail eyebrow kit is the ELF professional eyebrow kit, so it's hard to stray away from that. However, I find that I realllyyyyy like these. I like these because they're more waxy than the ELF kit. So the product doesn't slide around on my eyebrows as much. I would say that, for me, the medium shade fits me best. Although, the light one still looks pretty nice! 
Right is "Light" and the light one is "medium"
I filled this eyebrow in with medium
This eyebrow is filled in with light. 
L'oreal Voluminous Superstar Mascara
One of my all time favorite mascaras is the L'oreal Voluminous Carbon Black Mascara. It's my fave and I find myself going back to it all the time. I was excited about this mascara because it seems like a "super" version of that mascara. I'd say that this mascara actually builds more volume at the base of my eyelashes though and they're more feather-y looking. So my lashes still look amazing with this mascara, just slightly different than when I use the original voluminous mascara. 
Step one is the priming side. I was apprehensive about this because when I've tried mascara primers in the past, it seems like they turn my lashes grey because they muddy with the black coat. This does not do that luckily! I actually really like how this builds my lashes at first and then the black is the icing on top :D 
 L'oreal Mono Riche Single Eyeshadows
Oh these eyeshadows are buttery! I love the forumla of theses eyeshadows and they glide on the eyelids. Some of the lighter colors aren't are pigmented, however I like the wash of color they give. For me, these are nice but I find that the colors are very basic. There aren't any colors that are exceptional so I'd recommend these to people who don't own very many colors to begin with or who are just looking to try these in general. I don't have much more to say about these. haha. 
From Left to Right: Paris Beach, Little Beige Dress, Sunset Seine
Cafe Au Lait, Quartz Fume, Petit Pearl
Mademoiselle Pink, Pain Au Chocolate, Violet Beaute
Noir C'est Noir, Argentic, Grand Bleu
Green Promenade, Teal Couture, Meet Me In Paris
L'oreal Matte-Matic Eyeliners and Black Velvet Liquid Liner
The matte-matic eyeliners aren't anything special in my opinion. They're pretty run-of-the-mill eyeliners. I do find it interesting that they are matte, however, it doesn't really translate on the eyes. To me, I can't tell that they're matte... they just look like eyeliners. haha. However, I do really enjoy the black velvet liquid liner. The tip is REALLY unique. It's something I've never seen before. If you're looking for a messier or thicker line, this is perfect. However, the tip makes the liner hard to control, so I wouldn't recommend this to people who prefer a thinner line or a super precise line. I personally kind of like the thicker/not-exact look, so I do enjoy this. It's also nice, inky and black! 
The velvet black liner swatch 
Swatches of the matte-matic eyeliners 
L'oreal Infallible Pro Matte Gloss
These are so nice :) I really like these and I love the colors that they come in. They're very opaque and a bit on the "thicker" side. I find that they have a comfortable wear and they're not sticky whatsoever. I will say that these ARE NOT MATTE. The name is a bit misleading for me because I was expecting these to dry to a matte finish. However, they do not dry. I feel like these are more satin-y / velvet-y. I still like the finish so don't get me wrong... they're just not matte like the name implies. 
From left to right: Fuchsia Amnesia, Rebel Rose, Forbidden Kiss, Rouge Envy, Shanghai Scarlet
 L'oreal Infallible Pro-Contour Palettes in Light and Medium
I find that these, like some of the other products in this Spring Collection, are nothing crazy special. They're nice and I find that they look pretty but they're nothing I've never seen before. I'd actually say that these are also versatile for different skin tones. The medium one has a warm tone and the light palette has a cool tone. So you don't have to buy the medium one or the light one just because that's your skin tone. You can definitely use the light one even if you have medium skin and vice versa. Hope that makes sense! I would also like to note that these are not super pigmented... more like a wash of color. So these would not work really well for tan or dark skin tones. I would recommend these to people with lighter skin who are looking for a drugstore contour palette. Also, the brush inside is not functional. They market this as a "one-swipe" type of product... just use a normal brush people. haha. 
Medium is on the left, Light is on the right! 
Well there you go! L'oreal's new Spring 2016 Collection! :) I hope you guys enjoyed this review/haul and got some insight on new products at the drugstore!!