[First Impressions] MASK FROM HELL! Tosowoong Monster Cocoon Pack Review

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Alright, alright... this is a post I've been putting off for a little bit.. Probably because I can't stand to look at my poor skin in these pictures. SPOILER ALERT: This mask tore up my skin. I feel like you deserve a proper review however, so I'm relieving this horrifying experience.. for you guys! Anyways, today's review is going to be on the Tosowoong Monster Cocoon Pack. I should've known by the name of this product that this was not going to turn out good.

Let's get to the breakdown...

The product comes in a squeeze tube. There's nothing complex about the packaging but I do like that it's spooky looking. As a Halloween fanatic, I love anything that reminds me of my favorite time of the year! The packaging is probably the only thing I liked about this product. haha. 

You're supposed to apply this mask on cleansed skin and leave it on for about 15 minutes. Then you rinse your face to remove the mask. YOU DO NOT PEEL THIS MASK. *sigh* So many people do not read the instructions/my comments/look it up online and comment on my video that I did this mask wrong. People.. this is a wash off mask. It's not a peel off mask. If I'd peeled this off my skin, my skin would've been really sad. haha. Oh and I'd like to note this was terrible to take off.. so hard to rinse off!!
Within a couple minutes, this mask started to tighten on my skin. Now that's supposed to happen. Through tightening, it's supposed to tighten the skin and this also helps to remove dead skin cells. You're not supposed to really move your face during this part. I'm aware of this, so I tried to talk whilst barely moving my face. Now, I understand all this. However, this mask was WAY TOO TIGHTENING. I get that it's supposed to tighten, but if a mask tightens to the point where it's tearing your skin... it's a little too much. I feel like that was the biggest issue with this mask. In the process of trying to be interesting looking, it failed to be effective. Actually, it's was more harmful than anything! 
Well, it's clear to see what happened to my skin. It got SUPER irritated from this mask. Like I mentioned above, through tightening this mask actually hurt my skin because it was pulling at it. I don't understand how they can actually say that this is designed for all skin types?! This would be absolutely terrible for sensitive or acne-prone skin types! I mean, there's not much more to say about this mask.. I won't be using it again and I think there are a ton of other masks that are more effective and gentle. Also, I do want to note that I always patch test products. Proper patch testing is to be done on the side of the neck/behind the ear since the skin there is about the same thickness of your face and because it's more similar to your face. My neck turned out ok but that goes to show.. sometimes with skincare you never know! Just proceed with caution :) Oh and my skin was fine after a couple days. Just a little tender and in need of some TLC but everything is fine. Thank you for those of you who left sweet comments! I love you guys :) 

Overall: NO STARS! (well, except for packaging haha)
Packaging: ****
Ingredients: *