Mini Korean Beauty Haul: 3CE, Biege, and A True Makeup and Skincare

Thursday, March 3, 2016

Hellooooo everybody! I wanted to do a follow up post of my most recent K-Beauty Haul! I had fun checking out this website, surfing through the pages, and looking at the different products and brands I'd never tried before. I was particularly interested in Cupidrop because they carry a lot of brands that are harder to find including 3CE! The only other websites that I've found 3CE are either way overpriced or kill you in the shipping department. So I was happy to see Cupidrop is a good option for those of us living in the United States!

Let's get to the breakdown...

A True Sweet Song Black Tea One-Step Cleansing Water
I'm always down to try cleansing waters! Lately, I've been using them as an extra cleansing step, particularly to remove excess makeup on my neck and chest at the end of the day. This one I found really interesting because instead of being water-based, it's actually black tea water based. I like how gentle this is on my skin and it seems very effective! 
 A True Black Tea All Day Long Sun Cream
I burn through sunscreen like crazy. I wear it everyday and it's super important that you are too! Protect that skin!! Anyways, this is a nice sunscreen for those of you with dry skin because it's a little thicker. I feel like it moisturizes my skin while it's protecting it. However, I wouldn't recommend this for oily-skinned people because it's probably a little too heavy. 
 Beige 3 Seconds Perfect Eye Remover
Ok, let's get things straight. This is a makeup remover. It does not remove your eyes. haha. This is an oil-based remover and you have to shake it before using. It does remove my makeup very quickly and I like how gentle this is. It also does not leave any residue behind! 
 3CE Highlighter in #BlingPeach
I was really confused with this product at first. When you initially touch it with your finger, this powder seems to be chunky and rough. I didn't think I was going to be impressed by this. However, when you use a brush and apply this to your cheeks, it is B.E.A.utiful! I love this. It looks amazing and I've been obsessed with it ever since I got it! If you're curious to see what this looks like on my skin, check out my video above! I'm wearing it :) 
Alright friends! That's my mini Korean Beauty haul from Cupidrop! Let me know if you tried any other products from these brands and what you'd recommend! I'm always looking for new, amazing products :)