How to Treat Acne Scars & Improve Your Skin's Appearance

Friday, January 15, 2016

I'm not even exaggerating when I say I get hundreds of comments, emails, messages, etc. about acne and how to fix acne scarring. First off, I apologize that I can't respond back directly.. there's just not enough time in the day to answer all of you guys :( Plus, I can't see your skin in person, so it's hard to tell what's causing your skin concerns if I can't actually see your skin concerns... describing your skin as red and irritated can unfortunately mean a lot of things so I can't narrow down how to help you :/ Apologies but hopefully this will shed some light on some issues you might be having. This is where Banish Acne Scars comes in and Dermarolling

Let's get to the breakdown...
What the heck is Dermarolling?!
I know, it sounds insane and the tool you use looks like a little medieval torture device. Trust me when I say, it's much more intimidating looking than it actually is. Demarolling is essentially creating little micro wounds in your skin which encourages your body's natural response to "heal" the area. This promote collagen product to the targeted areas among many other skin benefits. 
Let's talk about Banish Acne Scars...
Even though derma roller is great for your skin, it's extremely important to practice this in a safe way. This includes using reliable rollers that are sharp and won't damage your skin. Because of this, I avoided derma rolling for a while. However, when Daisy contacted me and asked if I wanted to try Banish, I was like "YES, PLEASE!". You can even do a little research yourself and see that Banish uses the best materials and ingredients, so I have peace of mind when I use their products. Plus, I've seen a ton of other you tubers use their products and have great results. 
The Benefits of Dermarolling
Derma rolling, in my opinion, is great for every skin type. That is, unless you have severely sensitive skin. Then, let's face it, you have to be super cautious with everything you do to your skin. But for those of you who want to know why you should be derma rolling, here's why I love it! Like I mentioned in the title of this post, derma rolling is great for acne scars. It's one of the best ways, I believe, to deal with acne scars because it's a natural process your body is already doing. It simply expedites the process. However, for someone like me, I don't have a major issue with acne scars. So for me, I notice a major improvement in the smoothness, pore size, and texture of my skin. I feel that the increased collagen production really helps tighten my skin and helps with the appearance of my skin. It's also great for cellulite and stretch marks. So, yes it's awesome! 

My Before and After
I know it'll be a little difficult to see in my before and afters the improvement, but trust me, I really feel the difference. Also, I just happened to get a mark (on my right cheek, by my nose) from a pimple right at the beginning of my experience with derma rolling, so I feel like that's a good marker to see the progression of my skin. Also, check out my video review and you'll be able to see better in the video than just the picture! 
After First Session
After 2nd Session (10 days after first session) 
After 3rd Session (10 days after 2nd session) 
  Like I said, I know it's hard to tell through pictures, but maybe it'll be more apparent in the video :) Anyways, I hope this helps for those of you guys who are suffering from acne scars or other skin issues. For more dramatic before and afters, be sure to check out Banish's website! You can really see the difference in those :)