[Review] 3CE Fitting Cushion Foundation in 002

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

When I was in Korea a couple weeks ago, one of the brands that I was super excited about checking out was 3CE. 3CE, or 3 Concept Eyes, is under Style Nanda and is a brand that is a little bit more expensive in Korea. They recently launched their Fitting Cushion Foundation so you know I had to get my hands on it and review it for you guys! I did a first impressions of it on my channel, where I tested it for a couple days in a few different ways, so check that out if you haven't yet!

Let's get to the breakdown...

It comes in the typical 3CE packaging... matte and black. I actually like this but the only downfall is that the matte packaging gets really dirty easily. It picks up all your fingerprints and is kind of hard to clean. 
This goes on very thick and heavily. I'll get into that later, but you can definitely feel the makeup on your skin. Also, I think it's worth mentioning the the puff that comes with this cushion is terrible. I was reading about it, and evidently, it's a "ruby cell" puff. I used the puff the first day and felt like it didn't blend the makeup well and applied it even heavier. So I switched to an air puff (the blue one that comes with other cushion foundations) and it applied much better. Another thing I want to point out is you have to work in sections with the foundation and fast!
This is a HIGH coverage cushion foundation. Like I mentioned above, it does feel a bit heavy on the skin (even when using an air puff) but, in my opinion, that's the natural of high coverage foundations. So for those of you who have been on the hunt for a high coverage Korean foundation, this will be great for you! For someone like me, who prefers not to have a ton of coverage on a day to day basis, I'll use this on special occasions or when I just want more coverage. Not an everyday foundation for me. 
I took a close up to show you guys what happens when you use the ruby cell puff. As the day goes on, you can see the foundation sitting in your pores because the ruby cell puff doesn't blend the foundation in enough. I would like to note I did not have this problem with I used an air puff and when I used a little powder to set this foundation. So, to sum it up, I found the best way to use this foundation and make is last all day is to use an air puff and set it with a little powder! Then it last easily for 6-8 hours and starts to fade around the 8-9 hour mark. Keep in mind, I do have dry skin though, so for those of you with oily skin... you might need to use more powder to set this (because it never really sets if you don't) and need to carry the powder with you touch-up!
Shade Range
There's only two shades available in this foundation. I used the shade 002, which is the darker of the two. For reference, I'm about an NC 20-25 in MAC foundation shades. 
Overall: ****
Packaging: *** (and a half) 
Application: ***
Coverage: *****
Lasting-Ability: ****
Shade Selection: **

I kind of have mixed emotions about this foundation. Once I used it with a different puff and with a bit of setting powder, my skin was FLAWLESS. The coverage is so high, I didn't even need a concealer. That's insane! I really like that aspect and the finish looks pretty natural. The only complaint I have with this the puff sucks and you can definitely feel it sitting on your skin. However, to me, this just comes with the territory since it's high coverage. I've never found a high coverage foundation that feels light.. it's just not a thing. So you can decide for yourself whether you think this would be a good foundation for you!