Beauteque November Fresh Produce Mask Maven Bag Asian Beauty Haul and Review

Monday, November 30, 2015

Alright guys... you know I've got to post about Mask Maven if I post about the Beauteque BB Bag! Mask Maven is a subscription service that provide 9-11 mask type products every month. Now they can range from anything from sheets masks to clay masks to wash offs... you name it! For the month of November, the theme is Fresh Produce..

Let's get to the breakdown....

 Green Harmony Pear and Pumpkin Mask Pack
So far, I've only tried the pumpkin one, but boy are these interesting! I wasn't sure what to expect, but I wasn't expecting a cream mask. I was thinking this was going to be a jelly mask or a clay mask, but they actually apply like a super heavy cream. I applied the pumpkin one in a thick layer onto my skin, left it on for 20 minutes and washed it off. It left my skin nice and soft so I think this will be great for winter :) 
 No:HJ Healing Mask Pack in Lustre and Anti-Pore
These are AWESOME! I saw this on Get it Beauty, and was super excited to see this in my Mask Maven! They're a thinner sheet mask, so they adhere really nicely to the skin. Plus, they have flakes of 24k gold on them (which I show in my video), which just seems super luxurious! I can't wait to try the lustre one :) 
 Nature Republic Real Nature Mask Sheet Avocado
I'm not super familiar with Nature Republic products (besides their aloe vera soothing gel) and I've heard great things about their sheet masks! Can't wait to try this one and love that it's avocado since my skin loves anything that adds moisture. 
 Foodaholic 3D Natural Essence Mask in Orange and Blueberry
I didn't realize this at first when I pulled this out of my Mask Maven bag, but these are 3D MASKS!!!! I love 3D masks since they adhere better to my skin! I love these and think this really helps make Mask Maven such a good deal. These, plus the NO:HJ masks really introduce those who are new to sheets masks to new and innovative Korean technology! Yay! 
 Tony Moly Pureness 100 Collagen Sheet Mask Elasticity and I'm Real Broccoli Sheet Mask
I've also never tried any Tony Moly sheet masks, so YAY for trying new things :) I love that they included the I'm Real line.. how cute is the packaging?! 
So that's this month's Mask Maven bag. Again, I am such a fan of all kinds of sheet masks, especially sheets masks (hey I made a whole video on how much I love them! :) ) so I love that I get to try different ones at such a low cost :) I think it's such a great deal and think you'd love them too! Hope you're all doing well!!