[HAUL] New The Face Shop Disney Collection Haul, Review and Demo

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Ok so fun fact...I'm a HUGE Disney fan. I love anything Disney so when I saw The Face Shop had released a new collection collaborating with Disney, I had to get it! I immediately went online, expedited my shipping so I could get it quickly, and made this video for you guys :) I was sure to swatch, demo and review everything so you guys could get a good idea of what the collection is like. Here's the written version for those of you who prefer this type of format!!
Let's get to the breakdown....

The Face Shop Disney Coloring Stick Eyeshadows
I ordered two of these stick eyeshadows because in all honesty, I wasn't super interested in these. One thing I've noticed is that a lot of Korean beauty companies make really similar shades. I only picked out a couple so I could review them for you guys. These, in my opinion, aren't really that great. They look pretty, are sparkly, and smooth but these fade really fast. They also smudge pretty quickly so really these are only nice for the packaging. 

The Face Shop Disney Cushion Foundations
These were products I really wanted to try! I LOVE the packaging on these and I love that they are 3D . There are 3 different formulas, which I believe are all new. If they're not new, The Face Shop changed the names of them. I'm going to test them out further and give you a more in-depth review but for now, this is a little overview of what the concept of these are. The Mickey case is the BB Power Perfection. This one is meant for oily/normal skin. The Mike case is the CC Long-Lasting cushion. Like the name implies, this is designed to last all day and through humidity. Finally, the Pooh bear packaging is the CC Cooling Cushion. This one is the moisture version and is designed for dry skin. 
Buy them here: 

The Face Shop Disney Lip Products
The Face Shop Disney Tinted Lip Balm
This is a nice little tinted lip balm. The consistency is closer to a gel than a cream and I also love the smell of this. It smells like candy! I love how smooth this applies and it feels really comfortable on the lips. Plus, the color is actually visible and it gives your lips a nice touch of color. 

The Face Shop Disney Ink Gel Stick
I got one of these and this is another product I would say isn't a must. It's a decent lipstick but I just find this a little too slick for my liking. The consistency feels a bit cheap because it's so thin. The color is fairly nice but again, I feel like it's the packaging that sells this product. 

I also got the watery tint in Pink Imagination and I really like this tint. It's a comfortable tint to wear, doesn't overly dry your lips, doesn't crack and it lasts for a while. I think the tinted lip balm and the watery tint are the winners here. I would recommend those over the gel lipstick for sure! 
Swatches from left to right: Ink Gel Stick in Coral Overalls, Tinted Lip Balm in Sweet Rich Pink, and Watery Tint in Pink Imagination
The stain that's left behind after wiping the swatches off
The Face Shop Disney Mono Pop Lips & Eyes
There are 3 palettes available with this collection. I ended up getting the Mickey version (even though I ordered the Pooh version too but US customs took it out of my package for some reason) and this is the only palette out of the three that has both the eyeshadows and cheek/lip colors. This is the perfect palette for traveling, staying overnight somewhere, or if you're looking for a beginner palette. The colors are nice and neutral and the eyeshadows are pigmented and smooth. I would say the cream colors are better on the lips than the cheeks. I would definitely recommend this palette! 
Alright you guys! Hope you had fun checking out this collection with me! Let me know of any other collections you'd like me to check out :) 

FTC: This is not a sponsored post. I purchased the products with my own money. Affiliate links used!